Why am I being governed?

I was out one sunny Thursday shooting some hoops with my good friend Suraj at our local park and one of the topics in our conversation was about the laws and rules that live in our lives. Why do we have them? We want to hold that full liberty and freedom, yet why does it still remain there?

Fair enough we need laws such as traffic lights so that we don’t get hurt in too many accidents, but what happens when it goes beyond that and you’re set the law that you’ve got to have education to be successful and like the rest of the people. Are you really being given the freedom to be successful?

Let me make myself a little more clearer… The universe and the world around is just that. Success is within me, not outside. To find success and to be happy, I can’t get on my horse and go searching. It is right here, inside me. Isn’t that so? Then when it comes to education, and being successful from that, where does it all make sense?

Education is great, don’t get me wrong, but if you’re forced to follow pursuits that you don’t enjoy, then it’s not all nice and hunky-dory is it? A friend once stated to me, “Infomania is worse than marijuana” and I believe that too!

So all I’m trying to really get across here is this…

If I want to be succesful and happy in life, I’m going to follow my rules, and those are the rules by which I enjoy my life. I’ve come into this world alone, and I’m going to leave alone so my mission here on life, is to really have fun. That means fun through what I do, what I love, what I enjoy, my work, and so on..

And at this age, I’ve started.. I run my own company which focuses on what I love (music and rhythm), I play music to my hearts extent, I’m off to study the subject I’m really interested in (genetics), and if it feels right, then I might work in that field too..

Who knows what will happen later? But what I do know is that I don’t want to depict my life and I really don’t feel like living by the rules and laws that soceity has inflicted on me.

For those of you who might be thinking what I may get up to, stop! What I will do is live a honest life that remains true to myself and my values, so although soceity has set some simple rules, some like avoiding drugs, smoke, etc do make sense to me, because they are my values in life.


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