I’m A Child. Don’t Tell Me To Grow Up!

Within each one of us is a reservoir of potential, love, compassion, togetherness, and much more. Why is it that when I grow up I become known as an “adult?” Why can’t I remain as the child? As people grow up, the become termed “adults” and they have to follow the “rules” and “laws”, but why should they do this? They begin to live through what someone else says. Are they then living their life, or someone else’s life through them? It’s truly horrendous in my eyes…

I will continue to remain a child because I am me. Children have no real care, and just want to really enjoy their lives because they know how to. They are totally open to more and that’s why they learn faster. They are open to new things and have so much fun in learning these new things. Why? Because they want to have fun and enjoy their life! That’s why I’ll always remain a child.

Rupa and I love to be four year old kids. I’m Chano (the guy) with my four year old lunchbox and she’s Bhaturo with her lollypop. It changes the whole mood, we are totally open to fun and learning, and we succeed so much more. We talk like four year old kids, we picture ourselves as four year kids, we love rolling around, and when we get into that state, it’s real awesome. You can imagine how fun learning, laughing, playing, meeting, eating, and everything else becomes.

If you think I’m crazy, fair enough. But it’s your conditioning that may make you feel that way. You’ve been brought up, told what to do, and just feel that’s the right way, and if you’re happy with how you are, I respect ya! If not, what the hell are you doing that for?

The real truth, and what feels good for me is to be the child, totally open to loving, learning and laughing…

Try it out yourself…


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