The Power of Seventeen Seconds

It’s been just eight days since I’ve started the large experiment of manifesting $1,000,000.00 – an experiment set up by Steve Pavlina. So far, here are my results:-

* $80.00 – 2 1/2 hour discounted coaching sessions.

* $120.00 – reimbursement of cash from a charity came back to me after long

* $10.00 – free bus and train rides in the last week (odd – but I welcome them!)

* $55.00 – a few tabla lesson payments come after long and unexpected.

So that’s a total of $265 manifested and I’ve also received so many money-making opportunities and I’ve actively used the Law of Attraction in my life to help do so.

You can do so to attract a million dollars (or any amount) into your life. Simply find a quiet time and literally focus just on wanting the million dollars. I suggest you try to start for about 17 seconds. Why do I suggest 17 seconds? Well, what if you could accomplish in 17 seconds what would otherwise take so many hours? Is that a secret you’d like to get in on?

Here’s a way to save yourself most, if not all, of the busy work with just 17 seconds of pure positive thought. Instead of creating an action plan, devote just 17 seconds to imagining and reveling in the experience of already having that money. Do this for just 17 seconds and its magical – I promise. I managed it for 2 minutes and that was awesome. It was purely positive – no negativity allowed (easier said than done, trust me). Really feel the joy of having all that money – you can quit your job, get a new house, go on holiday, treat yourself or someone else, pay off debts, etc. Get into all the juicy delicious details of having what you want – for 17 seconds, or more.

And then let it go. Smile knowing that it’s on its way to you, and that all you have to do now is open the door when opportunity knocks. In next few days, you may feel inspired to take certain actions. Remain totally aware and conscious and respect all that happens and you’ll intuitively look out for the hints and actions that lead you to making money.

I did it any look what’s happened – I’ve $265.00 better off. You could have much more. Try it out and keep your eyes and ears open. 🙂


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    Very interesting article

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