Affirmations or Power Questions?

Many people rely on affirmations to help them have an energetic day, or to give them drive towards a goal or project. Back in January 2005, I wrote an article based on affirmations called “Just 10 Seconds Each Day Will Put You on the Path to Success”

Affirmations can be useful to give you confidence, get you out of bed, push you to take action, keep you seated at work, make sure you get into work, help you to plan your finances, or anything else you want. As you wake up in the morning, (or anytime of the day) affirmations allow you to take charge of your thoughts in that awareness before you fully awake.

Personally, in the last few months, I’ve gone off affirmations. They have never really worked for me and I haven’t seen the benefits. I enjoy getting regular quotations in my email every morning and pondering over them for a few moments because they set me up for a few minutes of “great thinking.” Here’s a great blog on quotations and inspirational sayings:

Something which works better for me, rather than affirmations, is power questions. Power questions for me work best in the morning when I wake up. I ask myself,

  1. “What am I grateful for in my life today?”
  2. “What or who do I love in my life today?”
  3. “What is the one thing I shall do today to make me feel very happy?”

Answering these three basic questions set me up for a fantastic day. I know what I appreciate, what I love, what I shall do and what will really help me go through the day.

If affirmations are for you, I really urge you to commit to working with them. A good site I recently came across is Lee Nutter’s If you don’t use affirmations, try asking yourself morning (and evening) power questions.

Once you start, you may feel that each day is getting repetitive in the answers you give. Yes, that may happen. I experienced it in the early days too, but as you continue to think about the answer, and not rush through it, you’ll find new and exciting answers coming through. And with that, exciting opportunities rush into your life.

Give it a go; spend 30 consecutive days working on either affirmations or power questions. Work hard on it for a few minutes each morning, and don’t miss a day. I’d love to hear your responses on this one.


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