Get The Life You Love And Live It!

Get the life you love and live by Arvind Devalia is an awesome book. I promised that once I’ve finished working through Arvind’s second book, I’ll post a review, so here it is. I found the book to be really inspiring as its filled with ideas, thoughts and ways for one to move forward in each aspect of their life so that they improve all round.

When Arvind sent me his first book, I felt lucky and priviledged to have a copy of a good friend’s book, one which really helped me to identify my strengths and improve on my weaknesses. When his second book came through my door two weeks later, I was further astounded by the power it had. It was really good to see how Arvind had used his own personal experiences, one which most of us can relate to, in order to move forward.

To me, his book portrays a bold statement that every person has many strengths and it is by utilising these strengths, and things we love, that we are able to get the life we love and be able to really live it. Think of the love of your life as your greatest strength. Long before reading this book I had developed a strong awareness of my key strengths and weaknesses, but I hadn’t given serious consideration to the idea that it is the real way to get ahead. With Arvind’s action-focused book, I had space to write down my ideas and then take action on them

Since I received the book over a week ago, I’ve been working on it for half an hour each day. Although I’ll need more time to see the real impact, I’ve completed it, noted down my actions and have begun to take action. With 25 steps to success, Arvind has really helped to look at each area of my life at such a crucial time – the departure of this year, and the arrival of the next.

Many personal development books contain miserably pointless exercises, but I can’t recall even a single pointless quiz that forces you to rate yourself on some arbitrary scale. It’s absolutely awesome!

If you haven’t got Arvind’s book, I urge you to get it. As an individual who has read over 50 personal development books this year alone, Arvind’s will meet my top 10 because of the style of writing, the way its action-focused, and how the book helps you monitor your results.

Get it signed, directly from him here: Get The Life You Love And Live It


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