December Updates

It’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve gotten carried away with the Christmas spirit I think, even though I’ve got so much free time on my hands. I’ve swept away many hours in the last 10 days playing board games, spending time with the family, learning, meeting and overcoming new obstacles. Traditionally, as it’s the end of the year, I’ve also spent time seeing how my puzzle has come together over the last year.

This post covers many tips taking us into the new year. I feel lucky to run such a beautiful blog in which I can share and edit beautiful posts, learnings I can muse about and help others to excel in all other parts of their life. I am, as the blog says, curious.

(1) Interface. The blog has changed its face; the image that allows it to interact with all. The initial blog was run by the Blogger system, but I have now moved to WordPress. It’s more effective and gives me a good feeling when I look at the aesthetics of it. It categorizes the blog in a good way too. I hope you enjoy it too.

(2) A 12-hour Capital Adventure. On Boxing Day, we began a board game called ‘Capital Adventure’ at 4pm. There were 9 of us, divided in three teams and we had to travel around the world touching major capital cities before finally arriving in London. The game lasted 12 hours. The general knowledge questions were really tough and we finished at around 4am, the earlier hours of Dec 27th. My lesson here – continue to always be aware and have fun, you’ll never feel tired (until your body gives way mentally) and what you learn is immense. I can now easily say I know much more than I did then.

(3) My Puzzle of 2005. I’ve been looking back at how things have fitted together in the puzzle border for 2005 I put together in January. Now, looking back and seeing the inner pieces come together, I can say that nearly every piece is in place (apart from those in the run up to 1st Jan). I’ve had several major obstacles that have come through and highs that have ended up in lows with months in between, but I’ve managed to pick up myself and continue along in this wonderful mystery of life.

(4) My Puzzle of 2006. Throughout this last month of 2005, I’ve been thinking very much about next year and what I want. I’ve taken action to create some concrete steps. In the next three days I’m going to put down on paper (move the mental thoughts to physical notes) and begin fixing the border puzzle of my life, allowing there room to move out of my comfort zone even more in each part of my life. I want to be the greatest I can be. I shall be. I will be.

(5) Your Puzzle. I invite you to look at your last year. Have you done everything you wanted to? What haven’t you managed to do? By the way, congratulations on what you’ve achieved. I may not know you very well, but I know you’ve achieved so much. Congratulations. What will your puzzle of 2006 include? Ask yourself what you shall do to improve every area of your life. Right it down and keep that paper with you. Refer to it soon.

(6) A Blog Focus. In 2006, I’m going to end several commitments I have, taken on just a few more and create much more time and space in my life to be able to spend more time with myself, my partner and family and friends – those who really matter in my life. A big part of my commitment is to focus on blogging and to ensure that I continue to share on a regular basis – every few days, if not everyday. I’m also going to look into podcasting and provide extensive links and resources. I’ve made a start on the links today. It won’t be a long list – but as I find more, and lose touch with old ones, I’ll circulate so you can see what I’m reading.

(7) Music and the Deaf. The work this charity does really touches my mark. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m pledging my support for the whole of 2006 and trying to raise donations by providing professional support to individuals for a low cost. Check it out.

(8) Suggest a Topic. I’m very open to ideas and topics that I can discuss about via my blog here, so please do come out with them. Contact Me.

Just some of the crazy ideas I’m considering… ;)


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