What does being a leader entail? Great leaders come in many forms. They do not have to have certain characteristics, but perhaps can have certain ways such as being able to instruct, influence, persuade and overlook whilst being an inspiration and motivator to the team’s success. Great leaders are often experts in their fields.

The important thing is this: If you are trying to instill a particular characteristic in your team and building tomorrow’s leaders, it’s important that the leader portrays those characteristics too. For example,  if you want members to be confident, you too have to be confident. If you want your business partner to be a better leader by being more direct, you too have to show that characteristic. Leading by example is extremely powerful.

Great leaders also know the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Are you motivated by the results you and your team produce, or by the challenege that is provided to you? Do you prefer the head or tail of the coin? Will you do what you feel will help accomplish the goal and celebrate each step, or wait till your final result and show gratitude? Being intrinsically motivated proves you a great leader. You show passion and juice in what you do and really come out on top. And the icing-on-top comes when intrinsically motivated leaders foster the same motivation in team members.

Another quality of a great leader is being a master communicator. Will you “should” and “would” all over the place or move forward with your “will do’s” and “can do’s”? Will you communicate with an open mind to allow your team members to open up or push through your thoughts only? Master communicators realise the advantages of two-way communication and make it happen easily. They make team work fun, enjoyable and therefore producing intrinsic motivation within members.

How far will you entice your members to go? How will you let them tap into their full potential? Co-creation allows you to work with member to help them understand how they can provide their full attention into the project and produce fabulous results. There is no ruler of the team, just a guider. A guider therefore provides an atmosphere to learn, grow and work together. That is a true and great leader.

Excellence in leadership is acquired by people who have a strong sense of vision, have passion and are able to get people to commit 100% and take the necessary action to see that vision become a reality. Great leaders excel in the art of communication and motivation, mutual respect, instilling confidence and enthusiasm, and showing credibility and integrity on a consistent basis.


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