Add More Hours To Your Day

This is one of the most commonest thing that people are after. They find they do not have enough time in their life and they are unable to what they want to do.

For the last two and a half years, I have been to college and now at university, heavily volunteered with a local charitable organisation and on the executive committee, studied and earned a qualification in my spare time, spent time with family and friends, started and expanded my business slowly and have time for more. By the way, I have my regular sleep of around six to eight hours too. Many people have asked how I managed to do it. I also don’t have an ego rising on it, just happy that I can be as effective as I wish to be.

And that really is the real response and lesson to be learnt for those who cry out for wanting more hours in their day. The lesson is to only do what you enjoy, and you won’t feel a burden and will get more done. I won’t leave it there. Here are some practical tips to enjoy adding more time to your day…

Clear The Clutter. How many times have you heard this before? How many times have you put it off? Well, stop. Do it, because it really does help. It frees up physical, emotional and mental space too. Put things in their place. If it’s a brochure that’s lying around, ask if you need it. If not, recycle it. If there are important papers around, file them. Create your personal filing system. What about your computer desktop? How clean is that? Go through the same filing process.

Communication. How much of the communication you do is really necessary? Do you really need to check your emails ten times a day? I used to do that until just a month ago when I realised that I could make more time by just checking it in the morning when I wake and at 4pm each day. Do your clients or friends really need instant email replies? Break down your times and stick to it. If you used to spend 10 minutes and check it 10 times, that’s over an hour of time freed up and added for you to do more.

Set specific times. Set your office hours and only work in those time, apart from exceptions. Let family and close ones know so they don’t expect too much otherwise from you. Understand the value of your family and friends time and really get into it as much as you can. Set aside time for hobbies too – enjoying them will go a long way.

Don’t take too many calls. I use a Skype phone system and have a voicemail setup. I hardly take calls. I let people leave a message and if it’s something urgent, then I’ll get onto it. If not, I’ll make time in the next few hours or the following day, but I shall get back. A great way to avoid telemarketers.

Let it run on automatic. Get things working on the automatic for you. Get a virtual assistant to do some work for you. If it’s something that needs to be done, and you are not up for doing it, I’m sure they’ll do it for you at a low cost. Virtual Assistants can also schedule appointments, follow up with clients, return routine email inquiries and perform numerous other tasks. What about autoresponders? If you work in providing freebies, these work well in return for email addresses.

Sleep Patterns. This is a different and more difficult option. Something that Steve Pavlina has been working on is polyphasic sleep. Sleep about 20-40 minutes a time, five times a day and you’ve got lots of free hours. Possible if you’re not in a 9-5 position.

What other ideas do you have? I hope those I have shared will prove useful. Use them to make an impressive start to your 2006.


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