My Vision

Vision is the ability to see. Having vision means you can define something in a form where images, scenes and sounds are created. Every single human being is gifted with a mind. The mind is powerful – it is the most creative, imaginative and supportive place within a human being. It can have visions – mental images of something that is not perceived as real and is not present to the senses. Ever heard the saying, “imagination reveals what the world could be”…?

My Vision For This Blog. It’s always important for me to keep on top of my main objective for this blog. This is the point where my vision comes into play. A single sentence can speak of the objective, but a vivid mental image means more to me. The purpose of my blog is “to inspire, motivate and educate curious individuals to a more fuller and better way of life.” It is my intention that this blog will spread amongst individuals simply by recommendation so that it becomes a great interactive medium where individuals, regardless of age, creed, gender, race and religion are welcome to share their comments. It is also part of my visualisation that the blog becomes a part of my everyday life – a place where I can post on a regular basis and through the patterns and learnings from my living, I can share with a wider world. It is my intention to do this through articles, topic suggestions, book, link and web reviews as well as provide further useful resources as and when I come across them. I shall also look into podcasting in 2006.

My Vision for 2006. In the same way, I can create mental images for the coming year. For definate, I can see some obstacles arising, but with persistence, I know I’ll deal with them appropriately and overcome them. I’ll bring my fitness work into my life even more and keep on top of it. My finances will grow in the several peripheral ways currently working. 2005 has been a year in which I have got the business under control and set up several working systems so it means less work for me as it runs on the automatic. Like yesterday’s post, I have made more hours in my day. It’s also my vision that hurricanes won’t happen as much as they have in 2005, and I intend on continuing my manifestation of a million dollars. And without a doubt, I shall definately continue to coach musicians to a more fuller and better way of living.

(Visions are not predictions. If they were, perhaps I could say that in 2006, Google will stumble. Podcasting will be video incorporated. Skype will be more larger than BT in the UK. Broadband won’t be good enough. Mobile phone contracts will get even cheaper. That’s just me thinking anyway.)

My Vision for the Future. One day there will be no war, and it is on that day that every individual will learn that ahimsa rules the world. After that day, children will even stop and think whether rubbish called “war” even existed. Gandhi said, “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” The vision we must strive for is to be of a peaceful nature where everyone interacts. I also envisage that individuals will learn to work in harmony with Mother Nature, not against it, so that they can deal with experiences such as the Asian Tsunami and American Hurricanes in an appropriate manner. We can indeed make this a better world for all of us and the generations to come if we really put our minds and hearts to it.

What Is Your Vision? What can you see happening today, next week, next month, next year and in the future? What is your vision for a particular project? A good and useful way for finding out is to perform a simple and creative exercise known as visualisation. Get yourself into a quite space, and move yourself forward to a particular time and see what your vision is like then. Shape it your way if you don’t like it and really feel it. Associate with it fully and move into that world. Then snap out of it, and make a note quick before you forget. Revisit your vision regularly to see the change and keep working to achieve it.


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