Co-Creative Consultancy: My First Session

New Year, New Day, New Morning, New Beginnings. I’ve just had my first co-creative consultancy session with Sol of effortlessExpression. The session lasted an hour and we began discussing what I wanted to get out of my six week programme and began working on it over a hot chocolate at the local Costa cafe.

In my one hour with Sol, we focused on the goal of increasing my business newsletter readership by 1000 subscribers and working to get four paid clients by the end of the six week period. In doing so, we looked at the qualities of such individuals and reasons why they would be a part of my newsletter, understanding the benefits and how to work with it all. This, in fact is co-creation.

As I understand it, co-creation is when I work with the universe to get clear and set forth my intentions as clearly as possible in order to ensure that I manifest back into my life only what I want. I found the session quite fun, useful and actually very helpful in getting clear about what I want. My objectives for the six-week programme are

  1. Work on my goals through co-creation
  2. Truly understand how I can use co-creation in my life
  3. Having fun exploring and sharing my understanding and knowledge

The session was greatly eye-opening in actually jotting down what qualities individuals who become clients will have. Sol then asked me to spend the next few days with a little more awareness so that I can really appreciate and be with such individuals.

I’m having my next session on Tuesday morning in less than 48 hours. I’m also planning on putting together a series of blog posts about my consultancy sessions with Sol.


2 Responses to Co-Creative Consultancy: My First Session

  1. Hi all, Kavit here.

    Having had my consultancy session and just a few hours later, I received an email from the owner of asking if I’d like to send an email to her database of over 37,000 musicians and music industry individuals to increase my newsletter readership!

    How freaky is that – definately Law of Attraction in practice, right?

    All the best,

  2. Sol says:

    Well done Kavit – a great demonstration of how everything you could ever want exists for you already… you just have to open your eyes to it by getting really clear about what you want. What you’ll find is that the right people will automatically appear in your life to support you in achieving your greater purpose.

    Looking forward to our second co-creative session and an update on the number of subscribers to your mailing list.

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