Co-Creative Consultancy: Session 2

I had my second consultancy session with Sol this afternoon. Before I go into that, I must say how astounded I am. I set my goal and intention to manifest 1000 more subscribers to my business newsletter and also attract 4 paid clients in a six week period from Sunday morning. Just over 48 hours since my initial session and before my second session, I have tapped into a database of 41,000 musicians and managers and have so far got 74 new subscribers – that was the power of one co-creative consultancy session. I guess the initial session showed that becoming more aware and conscious of whats around can open up many more possibilities.

Anyway, the session today was awesome. It gave me the chance to look at the goal from a different perspective and looked at ways I could go about making this happen. We looked at what other individuals impact musicians and how we could go through them. The answer – artist managers. This is something I am now working to achieve.

My next session is next Monday. I’m just curious to see what I can manifest in such time. By the way, you can check me out here:


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