Co-creation Through Detachment

The most important step in order to be more aware of the self is detachment. As our consciousness rises, our perspective becomes more and more impersonal. We are increasingly able to view both our life and the world with detachment. By building such a vision, we are able to have a greater relationship between our outer and inner self so that we can live more harmoniously and co-create the life we want. From this, we can be more emotionally balanced and begin to own our own power so we can be positive, conscious co-creators of our life experience.

For long now we have been brought up under the inner parental voice which has controlled us. By cultivating detachment, we can view this inner voice from an outside viewpoint and begin to take power away from that critical inner voice – the one that provides the minute by minute commentary on how well we are playing the game called life. Our goal here is to develop a witness perspective so we can, at the same time, develop a compassionate level of consciousness. This does not mean we are cold and uncaring, but rather we are self-contained.

Each one of us has well-defined boundaries and we are able to think and act objectively, clearly and responsibly. When we are detached, we do not get hooked into the thoughts and feelings of others and we are able to connect both our inner and outer self together. It allows us to start taking control over, and responsibility for, our thoughts and our feelings to the extent that is possible.

Detachment – learning to observe ourselves so that we can become more conscious – is an act of Love. How can it be done?

There are several ways in which one can begin their work to feel detached. Meditation is a popular technique. It allows one to go into a state of just observing themselves and it works nicely. If you are interested, try this: find yourself a quiet environment, close your eyes and “step out of your body”. Step out and watch yourself. What were your thoughts about particular events that you are trying to feel detached about? You may even begin to think how stupid you may have been in that situation and feel embarrased. Let it be. Go through whichever situations you wish to and begin to understand how detachment feels. Simply observe yourself. Check out this link for meditation:

Another powerful tool for being more objective and detached is journaling. It allows one to explore and deepen their feelings and thoughts. It is great for helping to release stress or pain, clear confusion and make good decisions easily, sparking creativity and much more. By writing, drawing, scribbling and simply letting it out, you begin to experience a much clearer vision with less clutter and therefore become detachment from the subject at hand. Check out these top links to explore more about journaling – and

What does being detached mean to you? What tools have you found useful? I’d be interested in hearing about them…


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