Co-Creative Consultancy: The Third Session

Once again Sol offered me a learning experience through what was a slightly shorter consultancy session. We looked creatively at the intention set at the initial session and then took an “out-of-the-box” approach where we discussed what happened during the last few days in my life. Especially the hearts card game played at the evenings with my parents and siblings. We looked at how the game is played and the approach I took. Sol’s effortless approach to the session was great as it provided me with an open space platform to be, do and think pure thoughts from within so that it can help me to move forward.

Leading out of the hearts game was something that got me really thinking. Sol asked me what in my life I do not want to have currently. From this, I was more aware of what I don’t want in my life and ensure that it doesn’t affect me in growing my business. Powerful Question Sol, thanks )

As a life coach looking to further grow my business, I have growing coaching experience and so was able to spend the end of the session providing some positive and constructive critiscism to Sol so that he can even become even better at what he enjoys doing.

I look forward to my next session tomorrow (Tuesday 10th). Sol is featuring me as a client at his website. Check it out if you’re interested: Kavit’s fully alive!


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