Co-Creative Consultancy: Session 4

As you would have noticed, I’ve decided to take on some greater focus with my blog, not only with the aesthetics of the website, but also with the content style. My session with Sol helped me really clarify what awareness and consciousness is for me and I shall expand on these properly in forthcoming posts.

Today’s session was great for clarity. It really showed me in various ways how I can explore the concepts of awareness and consciousness individually as well as collectively together, after all, they are near enough quite the same.

Immeadiately after the session, in my personal close-down time, it finally came to me that although we are working on building my business, the only ever important thing for me in the next year or so is to facilitate my own development through each angle of my life. As I excel and grow, so will my business as it always has an impact, directly or indirectly.


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