Co-Creative Consultancy: Session 6

Today’s session was shorter – about 30 minutes, I think. I felt that I really got a lot out of it, in terms of creating value not only for myself, but easily for others without consciously focusing on reaching my two goals as previously mentioned.

Sol jumped straight out and asked, “what makes a good musician?” My answer, to him, led to making activites really fun for musicians so that by getting fully immersed they’ll be able to forget about whatever pressures rest on them.

This also led to the idea of running an event. The power of the thought, eh? Having one thought will link up with another, having a second thought gets a third, and so forth. Imagine now that its not only me, it’s Sol too. There’s two of us and we’re chaining thoughts together and forming whats going to be a fabulous event, effortlessly. Keep a look out for the event details too. It’ll be in Greater London around late February.

The real cool thing that struck me after the session was something about Sol’s style. Although he understood my two main goals of increasing my subscriber list by 1000 and getting an additional four paid clients, it felt like he took an out-of-the-box approach and was helping me look for additional ways to attract clients. The profound effects that the event can have with individuals who are present and those who are not is outstanding.

That’s one month worth of co-creative consultancy complete. Another month to go!


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