Co-Creative Consultancy: The Fifth Session

My fifth session with Sol took place over the telephone last night. I’m interested in where my sessions are flowing because the session took a more focused look at my initial goals of finding subscribers and attracting four clients. I’ve made fabulous progress, reaching 200 new subscribers and 2 firm clients to date.

I felt that the session took two different angles. Firstly, Sol took a direct approach to find out how I can increase the number of subscriber lists and several ideas such as implementing a tell-your-friend box into the newsletter to make it easier would be great. Other ideas I picked up were to send personalised emails to a selection of the list and include a quote that could be of great inspiration.

The second angle I felt was taken was more of an out-of-the-box approach. Sol took me through my past week and I shared moments that seemed to stand out of things that I enjoyed doing. On Thursday, I had a great dinner at Nando’s in Uxbridge, for a friend’s birthday. Sol asked me more about the place and what really striked me. I mentioned two things:

  1. the hot peri-peri sauce 
  2. the cool, wooden effect

 We then brought that back to my newsletter and made links to see what was “hot” like the peri-peri and what was “cool” like the wooden effect. Then we looked at ways to increase its impact through those mediums.

Overall, the session was useful. I feel that we are moving somewhere after the whole saga with ArtistManager and the huge success that came out of there. Also, I committed to some actions, and I’m off to do them now… 🙂


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