Consciousness for Success

Your life is created by your mind and your consciousness. For me, consciousness is not just about knowing that you are aware and conscious of yourself, but rather that being in a state where you are conscious that you are conscious. The more conscious you are of yourself, the stronger you become. Consciousness is your essence. Without it, you could not walk, speak, dance, sing, drum, read or even type a comment to this post. It is intangible, yet very real.

Imagine if you were fully conscious and from that you could be successful? Well that can happen – and really easily in fact. When you focus your consciousness on success and fill it with feelings of success, you’ll see things begin to happen. For me, consciousness can actually speed up the manifestation process, and it can definately bring things into your life much more easily.

When you get certain about success through your consciousness, you become really powerful. You become certain without any feelings of doubt and anxiety. You know what you are out to achieve, be it a business outcome, exam grade or anything else, and you know that you’ll do whatever it takes to bring it into your presence.

Take the Million Dollar Experiment as an example. Nearly every day, I try to spend some time focusing my consciousness on having achieved my goal of a million dollars. By doing this, I evoke full certainty that I have achieved this million dollars without any doubts and I bring to my awareness feelings of what it’s like in those moments. I am assured of success.

It is really difficult to achieve success when your consciousness is focused on doubt and uncertainty. Become aware of your consciousness and feel that you are. At the same time, bring success into your frame and live it.


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