A Long-Time Intention Is Manifesting

For nearly three years now, I’ve always indulged, revitalised and energised myself through pictures of the beach in places like Tahiti, Fiji and Phuket. Here are some really cool images:-

(Above) Taken in Tahiti

(Above) Taken in Fiji

(Above) Taken in Phuket

(Above) Taken in Krabi

The beach is my place. It’s my space to think, be myself and really understand the value I have in myself and see the true side of people so easily, just like seeing through the blue waters of the sea. I have grown up in Lagos, Nigeria and lived just ten minutes near the seaside. It was the place I visited every weekend; the place where I built sandcastles, swam in the sea and learnt to play volleyball. Now that I look back, what I didn’t know at that young age was that, that particular seaside I lived nearby sparked the journey of a child that would grow to inspire, motivate and educate as a succesful and harmonious individual.

If you were to look through my laptop and the desktop, 90% of the photographs and images are from beautiful seasides from all around the world. The images are of a “pick-me-up” kind that enable make me dream more consciously and really help take me to my peak state. I’ve always dreamt of visiting such places and haven’t yet. By really bringing this into my awareness and consciousness, it is my true intention that it’ll manifest in several years time.

What has really struck me this week is that my family are now considering a holiday for three weeks this summer to Malaysia and Thailand. We have been speaking about it for several days, and planning the flights and hotels in detail. I think that my intention focusing for my dream beach holiday is actually manifesting. And because I’ve been as clear as I have, it seems to be manifesting now and not in a few years time. I think I owe my universe personal manager a pat on the back. Thank you.

Although I’ve really believed in the Law of Attraction, this last six months has really taught and evidently shown me that it really are present. I have attracted a whole lot of wealth when I’ve managed to intend and focus consciously and correctly. My personal relationship seems to be going from strength to strength, and so does the people support I have as I know carefully select my inner circle of brothers and sisters. I’ve put cheques into my pocket, written by myself and paid back to me, and left them there to manifest clients, opportunities and money into my bank. Now I am manifesting the chance to go on a dream family vacation.

You know what? I’ve even spent hours consciously thinking about how I’m going to get married on the beach in Fiji in many years time (literally) inspired by Tony Robbin’s Namale Resort. I think the chances of that manifesting are really high now!

If you’ve never worked with the Law of Attraction before, it’s really simple and I invite you to do so. What do you want to manifest into your life? Get clear about it, and everyday just focus on it for a minute or two, really relishing the fact that you’ve got it and understanding what the experience is life.

For me, I see myself swimming in the sea, scubadiving and snorkelling, lying on the sand, drinking cocktails, reading my book, spending time getting creative with my notebook, getting massaged and drinking coconut water. I really imagine each situation so well for such a short time each day, however I do this each day. I really can’t wait to the summer.

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2 Responses to A Long-Time Intention Is Manifesting

  1. Maria Palma says:

    These are great and inspiring photographs! I have pictures of my dream home posted all over my refrigerator as a reminder of all the good things to come.

    It was just this past year that I discovered the Law Of Attraction. I’ve used it to manifest many things into my life and I’m grateful for the knowledge.

    Thanks for sharing!
    ~Maria Palma
    The Good Life

  2. […] A while back I wrote about how I was manifesting the chance to visit exotic island and clear beaches, something that is very close to my heart. It has now manifested in my life, and today is the start of a beautiful thirty one days away from home. I’m leaving home now, 7am, and heading to London’s Heathrow Airport with my family. We’re jetting off to Malaysia, then Bali and then Thailand for a month of pure bliss. I’m so excited! […]

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