Corporate Head, Spiritual Heart

I was fortunate to be at a book launch party just a few days ago. I have read over 300 books spanning all elements of personal development from spirituality to time management, muscians' development to work and career, finance to health and business to relationships, but in all that, I have never come across such as special book as Shilpa Unalkat's brand new "Corporate Head, Spiritual Heart: Creating True Success and Fulfillment Without the Hang-Ups"

Shilpa's book talks about implementing spirituality into the corporate world and the instant resulting benefits for the employee and employer. Shilpa, a former well-paid and successful lawyer took a major finance cut to really live the life she wanted whilst being true to herself. Having coached top business firms to being more successful, she now shares the secrets of how spirituality and the act of treating employee's well can really bring about huge profit advancements.

Personally, I don't have a keen interest in the corporate world, but I enjoyed diving into this book and completing it in 4 hours, particularly because of the way Shilpa writes. Her well-spoken English backed up with strong evidence, statistics and fellow personal development books really brings to life the reality that can be created by really making an organisation successful by treating the employees as people, rather than slaves.

The book is divided into two parts, and that divided into chapters. The theory in Part 1 is backed up with Shilpa's vast reservoir of experience from her coaching clients in Part 2 where she shares the most common challenges individuals face. She also shares top personal development tools to enhancing one's current position.

I highly recommend this book. I was fortunate to meet Shilpa a few years ago very briefly for the first time having been introduced by Arvind Devalia. Again, I met her at her book launch a few nights ago but still haven't known her personally. Having now read this book, I feel that I can say that I really know Shilpa – her style, personality and unstoppable confidence just flows out of the book and into me, sharing with me the secrets of a really successful individual, someone I am know calling a real role model.

Get Shilpa's book: "Corporate Head, Spiritual Heart: Creating True Success and Fulfillment Without the Hang-Ups"


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