Natural Vibrations

Have you ever noticed the difference between sad tears and happy tears? They are both watery, they don’t tend to smell and they have the same feel of wetness, so then what’s different about them? The answer is the taste. Let me explain…

The water in our bodies is like ocean water due to the salt crystals within us vibrating at varying frequencies. The frequencies released by our heart is much higher than that of our brain. The emotional frequency reigns much higher than the mental frequency of the mind. As we say, the emotional heart is much more touching.

When we are happy, we are vibrating at higher frequencies than when we are sad. Chemically, our water compositions are also changing and therefore the release of tears taste different when we’re in a state of sadness. When there is a greater balance between the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual frequencies, we become one with ourselves and can appreciate and acknowledge all situations equally well as we are in a state of vibrational harmony.

This forms the basis of the powerful Law of Attraction. After all, once an intention is set, we must vibrate at high frequencies to be able to truly manifest what we want. We need to understand that our inner and outer self are working together so in order to manifes our desires, we must not fake our happiness and not mean it internally.

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