Co-Creative Consultancy: Session 7 & 8

Yesterday evening, I met with Sol for both sessions in a trot, rather than one on Monday and the other on Tuesday. The sessions were different – we walked a bit, we stopped at a restaurant to eat a bit, we went to a school room (we had an event there afterwards!) and we also ate some nuts too! At the same time, we focused on various tasks at hand spanning from the newsletter subscription to how I am going to attract people to come to my event in a month’s time.

We also got creative on the white board with a starting questions “R U happy?” to “When were U most happy?” These questions particularly allowed for me to get thinking and find out the moments when I am most happy and it is in these moments that I am most productive.

On a mutual consent, we also agreed to terminate these sessions but rather spend more time together working co-creatively on something we both want to pursue as a project. The co-creative consultancy came to a point for me where I felt that it was useful to have it, but not particularly needed and didn’t want to work in that kind of relationship – instead, we’ll be working on various projects together so watch this space for news of that!

However, I can thoroughly recommend Sol’s work for you so if you’re interested, nip over to 

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