My Book Wish-List

I enjoy reading books – fiction and non-fiction. My current rate is around ten books a month. Some I get finished in a day, some I get done over two. Others take me up to a week. I wouldn’t call myself a book addict. Mistake. I would call myself a book addict but I do it purely for the awareness and learning purposes. Of course, with that, I totally enjoy what I read. If I don’t like the book at that particular time, I’ll return it or stack it on my shelf until I feel like picking it up.

Reading has been instilled in me when I was growing up. My parents had always thought that it was really important to read a variety of things – magazines, newspapers, books, but more importantly to do it consistently. To be frank, they actually taught me a whole host of personal growth tools without even realising it (eg: consistency!) My father loves to buy The Times, or The Telegraph newspaper. With all the other little news pull-outs that come with it, there’s so much beauty to delve into. I’ve always been fond of travelling, so I remember as a kid, I used to go straight to the Travel section to see what’s available – not that I was going to travel.

My father ensured I read at least two articles a day. I’d also read various story books at times too. It was until around 16 when I really went for the personal development books and to date, I must have gone through over 250. Personal growth is absolutely vital to me. In every book that I dive into, although I have an open mind, I still seek the following:-

  1. What can I get out of it?
  2. What can I get out of it to share with others?

And I believe that it is through these that I had achieved above 95% in all my written essays in college and at university. I have been told on numerous occasions that I write well. My view is that my writing still needs to be dramatically increased in quality, but I am able to acknowledge the growth in my writing. Just surf back to about eight months ago on this blog and see what I wrote to make that comparison.

Make a choice today to read. Pick up a book and start reading. Don’t force yourself to read more than you can. When you feel it’s time to stop, then stop. Return when you’re ready. We are living in a world where there is a plethora of every single thing. Everything is in abundance. From the UK, we have resources that can take us to the Amazon rainforest without even physically moving. In the same way, Australians can visit Thailand without even going there. We are lucky to be living in an age of bountiful resources – we just have to open our eyes, ears and hearts to all that is available and one curious way of doing that is through books. Expand your horizons.

I always like to keep a large list of books that I wish to obtain. Like Amazon, I call it my wish list. Every now and again, I return to it and I see which is the next one to get and amazingly due to my approriate intending, it usually does manifest into my life. To continue my intending, below is a list of books that I’m working on attracting. Would you like to help me attract?

At this point, I’m currently reading James Frey’s “A Million Little Pieces

Books that I am intending to manifest:

Time to Think: Listening to Ignite the Human Mind by Nancy Kline

A Salty Piece of Land by Jimmy Buffett

Unleashing Your Brilliance by Brian E. Walsh
The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life by Steve Leveen

Jump Start Your Brain by Doug Hall
Flawless Consulting by Peter Block

Do you have any other recommendations?

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2 Responses to My Book Wish-List

  1. Troy Worman says:

    Excellent post. I would like to invite you to join the 100 Bloggers project. If you are interested, please send me an email.

  2. Brian Walsh says:

    You said that you wanted to manifest “Unleashing Your Brilliance”. Would you settle for an eBook version? – It’s 3 MB, so I wanted to check first. Let me know.

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