Servant for the Day

I find most material things meaningless, unless I know that it’s really, and I mean really, going to add value to my life. At the weekend, I was thinking about what I could do to make this Valentine’s day (today!) really special for my partner. I remembered a few months ago when I was reading Steve Pavlina’s post and then it sparked to me.

Today, the 14th February 2006, I devote my whole day and time to my partner! I shall do whatever she wants, the whole day, and just for this day. I won’t work on any of my stuff unless I’m allowed five minutes off and time to have my meals. The whole of today, she can have my time. Promise. It’s only for the day, so I don’t think she’ll have enough time to plan out what she wants me to do so she enjoys the luxury, but I think that’ll be better because it’ll have even more spontaneity.


One Response to Servant for the Day

  1. kathmandura says:

    sounds like a very thoughtful arrangement

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