Your Moving Torso

Do you remember when you were a child and you were learning to walk? Do you remember you walked two steps, and then you lost your balance and fell? The majority of people don’t remember because they are not conscious of it and feel they don’t have to be.

I invite you to try this basic exercise before I reveal a bit more…

Find a place where you’ll be at peace and it’ll be quite – it could be either indoors or outdoors. Make sure there is no unwanted interruption. Embrace yourself for a learning that you thought you’d never have to come back to. Get ready to learn one important thing that your subconscious mind does acting through your body – something so simple you might not have even realised.

Stand in a space away from disturbance with your feet slightly apart. Look at a spot on the ground just a few inches in front of you. Keep your eyes open. Let your hands hang by your side and relax. Remain peaceful and calm. As you stand there, I want you to begin observing your body. Become aware of your stance. Become aware of the tiny shifts that are taking place in your body as you breathe. Notice the varying pressure in your toes, feet, legs and upper limbs. Can you feel your body swaying slightly forwards and backwards and from left to right? Notice the light movements in your torso and arms as you shift to maintain balance.

In your day-to-day life, unless you consciously pay your attention here, you are so happily unaware of such movements, right? Luckily, your subconscious is aware of such things because if it were not, you’d simply fall down when you sway. Why don’t you remember what happened and how you walked and feel when you were a toddler? The answer is really simple – it’s because you don’t need to remember. You have been gifted with a wonderful subconscious and have taken away any responsibility from consciously learning like that.

It’s all fine to let your subconscious take care of such things, but once in a while it is absolutely vital that you consciously pay attention and listen with awareness to what your body and it’s organs are saying to you. As you become aware of them little by little, you may find some interesting things begin to happen.

Go ahead and try this. You don’t even have to have great time for it. Try it when your standing at the bus stop, waiting for the bus to come. Try it whilst standing at the train platform. Try it when you’re waiting for a friend at the top of their road. Try it when you’re waiting to be served in the supermarket. Simply feel the difference.

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