Does your life oscillate or plateau?

For a few days now, I’ve been thinking about oscillation and plateau. I flicked through an old mathematics textbook and saw an oscillating graph that brought up this thought pattern within me. Like everything, I related it to personal growth and asked myself, “what can this teach me about personal growth and developing myself?”

Thinking about it all, I wondered just how my life would be if it were oscillating – regular moments of happiness equalled out by regular moments of unhappiness. I also thought about my life as a plateau – at the top of the scale with happy moments all the time – or the opposite – a plateau with sad moments all the time. Which one would I want? I guess the answer here isn’t so tough. Think about your life for a moment. Does it plateau at a sad or happy frequency, or does it oscillate between both?

Some can argue that having a plateau is absolutely boring and that in order to experience a good, varied life, I need to be leading one that oscillates. I, on the other hand, disagree. For me, the perfect place to be residing is at a plateau of total happiness. At the same time, I can easily grab what life has to offer me by being true to myself and by responding with great thought so that I don’t release any negativity. I follow what the Law of Attraction preaches: “that which is like is drawn unto itself.” If I react negatively and allow the plateau to oscillate towards the sadness, I am sending out sad thoughts, and will in turn, attract sad experiences.

I am striving to live a plateau of happiness – one where I can honestly be myself and also be at a higher vibrational frequency. Currently, I’m sitting near the plateau with a few more bumps than I’d like but I know I’m doing what I can to work on achieving that position for my life.

What are you doing about it? Firstly decide with the three options that are present where you ideally want to be – do you want to live a plateau of happiness, a plateau of unhappiness or an oscillating life? – then assess your situation and see what you can do to get where you want to be. If you’re aiming to be at the plateau of happiness, start to notice how you are reacting to situations and analyse what you are currently doing. If what you are doing is leading to negative experiences, change how you view them or do something differently. If you are always reacting rapidly and hastily, slow down, think about your response and then happily respond in a way that is right for you. Feel free to say no when you need to – don’t be afraid to do so. Always stay connected to all situations, but remain detached from most.

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2 Responses to Does your life oscillate or plateau?

  1. […] Does this sound like you? Well, as stated in this post, life really is able to oscillate until you’re ready to plateau. The blessing is that with simple appreciation, attention, patience and love, we can begin to dance again. Our curiosity can be reawakened, and life really becomes worth living in – not existing. […]

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