Successful Marketing

You can only say that you have successfully marketed when you see that you have built great relationships and got results through that. In the last two years, my learning and understanding of the business world has increased dramatically as I’m actively developing my musicians’ coaching business. In that time, I have joined up to over 12 different e-courses offering to help me develop my marketing plan and relevant skills, however, what I’ve noticed is that their all talking the same thing. Every single one of them has focused on saying the same thing and getting the same message across. The message was simple: get focused on your niche, develop credibility through consistency, know your competition and target market and then breakthrough by staying on top of it.

For me, each and every client I have worked with has come through my newsletter. The process is simple – they visit my website, fill out the little box that informs them that they’ll now receive my fortnightly newsletter and simply, sit back and receive it every two weeks or so. With that, I was able to build some kind of relationship. I say this because although it made contact with them every two weeks, it seemed to be impersonal but managed to give them a taster of my work. There was only the odd one or two people personally replying.

I remember back this time last year (Jan 05), I worked on developing a thin workbook so that musicians can benefit from some real coaching through the workbook at a low cost. I only intended that the workbook be a test and that if it’d be successful, I’d focus on something greater. I also wanted to get more copies printed to give them out for free at my workshops, but that all fell through. At first, the workbook sales rocketed but with little or no marketing at all, I wasn’t surprised to see no sales whatsoever. The greatest lesson I ever took from that period wasn’t to just market, but rather, if I’m going to put time into something great, I’m either going to go full out and work on making it major (no such thing as testing!) or just offer the whole load in a nice package for free!

The amount of time I can give to my business is about 7-8 hours a week because of other committments I currently have, and I like it the way it is. This means that I can only work with a small number of clients, and have time to devote to building relationships as well.

A year later (Jan 06), I was fortunate enough to get some information about my coaching and how I can help musicians in an email and sent to the ArtistManager database which holds over 40,000 artists and managers. From that came another burst of musicians on my database and more individuals to build relationships with.

A few days after that, I realised that I have a whole load of content literally sitting around. What could I do with it? I figured that the best thing was to create a long eprogramme that would serve musicians and also help me continue to build relationships. By this time, I had learnt that my potential clients are the 2,500 odd musicians on my mailing list so it’s important for me to focus on giving them all I can in the best way possible. I then created the eprogramme called Music Success 101 using all the existing content and archived articles, and then I just formatted it. I joined Aweber for £12 a month and I didn’t mind paying it because of the results that would come from there.

To date, over 100 musicians from 19 countries are now receiving my 120-day long eprogramme. My email goes out to each person in a personal format every four days or so and to see the number of replies that come back from each message is really outstanding. There’s actually been one musician who has replied to each and every email. Of course, I reply back and this creates great relationships. What it also does is keep my name in their face for 120 or so days and by then, I’m quite excited to see how many musicians will become clients from that. I offer all this for free so I also understand why individuals show a lot appreciation in their emails.

For me, this is succesful marketing. I base my life around building fabulous relationships with everything I come into contact with – people, clients, newsletter subscribers, nature, water, ocean, animals, etc. I believe that if the people in Thailand had greater relationships with Mother Nature, they would have responded well to the Asian Tsunami in 2004. So too with hurricanes Katrina and Rita that struck the USA in 2005. A great example of relationships was with the marine rescue team and the whale in London’s River Thames last month.
For me, as long as I continue to build great relationships, I do not have to sell myself. I want individuals to realise what I can provide so easily that they trust that I can help take them to the next level and I know from this, the number of clients will increase in the near future.

I am proud to say that Music Success 101 has been a great hit in its early days, and I can also say that when it’s time has come to lie low, the universe will spark something else within me, for it is my purpose to be working with individuals to expand their horizons by raising their awareness and state of consciousness.


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