Have you stopped dancing?

Depending on your level of curiosity, I can tell you whether you are still dancing or not. I have no special powers. I am no magician or no such reader of your life. But I can still tell.

Do you remember when you were a kid? You possesed awe and wonder for this world. You wanted to visit and see everything. You wanted to know what this was, what that was and you wouldn’t let it be without being told. The Zen call this “beginner’s mind”. As a child, anything was possible. If you think about it, you had no real limitations. Life becomes worth dancing to.

And then, comes the turn for most people. We all go through various education systems that make us adults – we stifle our natural joy and we lose the curiosity. Our motivation lacks and at the end of the day, we are tired and not eager to get curious about the world. We lead what we call a “normal” life without real passion. Our innate appreciation of life is gone.

It is at this point where you have gone from living life to existing in life. As a child, you really lived life – curious to the point until you were tired and had to get to bed. As an adult, you are now just going by a set routine and aren’t able to really do the things you enjoy – the passion is burnt out. You are now existing.

Does this sound like you? Well, as stated in this post, life really is able to oscillate until you’re ready to plateau. The blessing is that with simple appreciation, attention, patience and love, we can begin to dance again. Our curiosity can be reawakened, and life really becomes worth living in – not existing.

Give yourself the space you deserve, away from demands, deadlines, expectations and judgements. Give yourself enough time to really be the child you are. Live life and explore it the way you want to. Free time, with absolutely no agenda, is rich with potential. How can we grow if we have no space and freedom to dream? Give yourself this time and you shall no longer be existing.

I like what John Holt has to say here: “No one can find his work, what he really wants to put all of himself into, when everything he does he is made to do by others. This kind of searching must be done freely or not at all.”

People with real curiosity and awe for this world and it’s potential stand out. So too are those who have no curiosity. They stand out – and in very different ways. And as I wrote at the beginning, that is why I can tell if you are really dancing or not.

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One Response to Have you stopped dancing?

  1. Ken Partain says:

    You are so right on with this post. You can see it in the eyes of everyone you meet. You can tell whether they are dancing on the inside. Their spirit and zest for life shines through in everything they do. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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