The Intimate Human-Chimp Relationship

The theory that humans and chimps may be closely related to each other than chimps are to gorillas or orungatans has just become even more compelling. Our genetic makeup shows that around 98% of our genes are exactly identical to that of a chimp, however it is the crucial 2% that distinguishes us in our looks – i.e. the chimp has a full coat of fur whereas humans do not. The media portrays this regularly as “the humans are just smarter chimps!”

Experiments have even been done to show that chimps have a similar IQ ratio in mathematics to that of humans. And although human brains are larger, brain size has little to do with intelligence. Men have larger brains than women, but few would suggest that men are more intelligent than women.

From a biblical standpoint, all this is complete rubbish. God creates both chimps and humans separately and there is no such linkage genetically. Our makeup is spiritual in nature and has nothing to do with our genes. A religious activitist will say that man’s capacity to create art, to express himself in music, and to be able to be taught to think in these areas is not a product of our intelligence. Severely retarded humans frequently demonstrate extraordinary ability in these areas.

I personally follow both standpoints. I absolutely have great faith in understanding that humans and chimps have a deep relationship that boils down to similar gene maps, however each individual and chimp has personal uniqueness. And I believe that this uniqueness comes from one’s spiritual makeup. Science can argue that one’s uniqueness is due to genetic mutations but to my understanding, same mutations can occur to more than one person.

Spirituality is not at all religion. To me, spirituality is a sense of meaning and purpose, a sense of self and ‘that which is greater than self’ – my inner being. It is a way of living that emphasises a constant awareness of the surroundings whilst being absolutely present and whole in each moment. This spirituality brings out my uniqueness.

I am unique in that I have a varied interest in life – genetics, personal development, music, drums, spirituality and great awareness. I love to form effective relationships and this is another uniqueness of my being. I am a passionate musician; and although playing quite similar to various drummers, I’m still very different in the way I play. This is my uniqueness.

What is your uniqueness? What is your ‘personal identifier’? How do you want to be remembered? What is the one special thing about you or what you do that you want to stand out? I like to put ‘being unique’ as the need to exist for something different from anyone else. As you understand that you are fully unique, you will be able to fully appreciate other individuals for what they are and their absolute uniqueness.

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3 Responses to The Intimate Human-Chimp Relationship

  1. yahweh says:

    Some great wrap-up questions Kavit. We are all unique in our own ways. It’s sad to see people try to hide this and more so to watch others try to diminish or degrade anothers difference. I like monkeys by the way. They have a larger capacity for thought and connection than they’re given credit for.

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