The Good Life

You ever notice how when you focus around one topic or segment for a while, things continue to latch on?

Since January 2006, I’ve been very much working on my “mental game of money”. I think I’ve done quite well compared to the end of last year. In January, my income was that of October, November and December put together. In mid-Feb, I went to a complimentary two-day seminar called “The Mental Game of Money” by Dr Topher Morrison, and it was by far the best seminar I’ve been to in a long while. Last night, I worked on my cashflow and it’s projection and I seem to be welcoming double my income of Feb into March. It’s feeling absolutely great.

For the past week or so, I’ve been consciously following Maria Palma’s blog “The Good Life” closely because of her focus on money and the mindset behind it all. I think it’s fascinating how one thing is just spontaneously leading up to another. What it really shows is how my awareness is widening. Have you noticed your awareness widen just that little bit?

Maria’s latest post on Attracting Money is absolutely true and if possible, with your “thumbs-up”, I’d like to declare myself a living practitioner of money attraction. I spend around 60 seconds a day consciously thinking about money – call it money mediation if you will – and it allows me to get clear about what I want to attract and how I’ll use it. I don’t think it’s greedy too because if it were, I wouldn’t be in this great feeling and position.

So, what are you doing to attract money? Think about how much you want to have earnt, say in six months time, and visualise as if you’ve got it and how you’d use it.

One Response to The Good Life

  1. Maria Palma says:


    It’s great to know that you’re prospering 🙂 Things come to us when we really focus on it – sometimes without us really doing anything at all! I definitely felt your energy.

    Thanks for reading my blog! It’s very rewarding to know that I have helped in some way.

    ~Maria Palma
    The Good Life

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