Being, Doing and Having

How do you move towards success? When I was younger, I lived with the belief that the more I had, the more I did and the more I was, I’d be successful. What I thought is that if I had all this, I’d be more happier, more fulfilled and even more succesful. As you can imagine, at that point, I was thinking, “if I’m going to be a success, I’ve got to be more, do more and have more.”

Now, I can say with my head help up high, that the attitude I held back then was absolutely incorrect and if I continued, it would have led me down a wrong path – a path were I’d acquire a plethora of material acquisitions that would have no real value to me as a person. The way I figured out I was wrong is by becoming aware that there are many successful people around me and that I just had to speak with them, by reading many books, and actually taking action.

I believe that the way to go forward is to first truely be who you are and then do what you love to do. Only this way can you have what you want. Take my life as an example. Having started living my life properly only a few years ago (here I mean, actually being who I really am truthfully), I then took to doing only what I love to do even when I had various obstacles around me. While at college, I studied A levels. At the same time, I did another diploma course to get a life coaching qualification. At the same time, I set up my coaching business and then moved into university life. I continue to work as a life coach, study for a degree in medical genetics which is another close passion, and also play regularly as a multi-percussionist. Now, I am really enjoying what I’m doing and that ultimately is gaining me what I want to have. I am not telling you this to boast, but rather to inspire you to see that there is a greater way to stepping up in your life and this also serves the greater goodness for all.

If you seek abundance, you must first find it within. If you want wealth, open your arms to gratitude. I invite you to be who you really are, do what you love to do and then ultimately, have what you deserve. Feel free to share your experiences on this.


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