I’ve manifested a book!

Ever since I wrote the post “My Book Wish-List“, I’ve attracted so much to do with it into my life. It has been featured on various blogger’s websites. Another life coach, Mike Hall was inspired to buy one of the books for himself which he later told me was absolutely great.

One of the book’s on my wish-list is Brian E Walsh’s “Unleashing Your Brilliance”. Last night, I received an email from Brian himself offering me his book at absolutely no cost in ebook format. Just by getting clear and being focused, I was able to attract what I want into my life.
This is all I’m writing for now – I’ve gotta go dip into the book! I’m too excited, and feeling great for no good reason.


3 Responses to I’ve manifested a book!

  1. Great book!

    Congrats on your manifestation!!! Very exciting to “think”
    something, “feel” your way to having it and then seeing
    it show up! 🙂


  2. Maria Palma says:


    Wow – that’s Great to see! I too have manifested books into my life… It’s such a great feeling 🙂


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