Are you REALLY working for prosperity?

On an everyday basis, we see and hear of people working hard with a goal of wealth and prosperity in mind, yet how many of those people actually achieve it?

I absolutely believe that you have got to work to be prosperous – but this work is one in which it is done effortlessly with passion, energy and love. A lot of people who work hard for prosperity don’t achieve it because of some negative attachment involved internally. Many people hold grudges or hate about other things or people which they hold on to for a long time, no matter how small or discrete it is, yet they don’t understand how much that actually affects their prosperity.

Substance from the universe needs to be able to flow through you freely, but if it is has got some kind of blockage (the grudges, hate, hurt, etc) then it’s going to take a longer time and possibly find another route. By releasing your grudges, and leaving the past where it’s meant to be, one’s able to appreciate what learning’s have been learnt, and use them to their advantage so they can produce the right results in that moment.

The great thing is that you can actually take a really proactive approach right this moment and commit to changing your experience. First, understand that you’re not the only one in this situation and also understand that grudges, and such negative emotions are not necessarily good or bad – it’s just how you react to them that creates the blockage for substance to flow. As I frequently like to say, “Nothing has meaning in life. It’s only the meaning you give it!”

Commit now to slowly releasing what past negative attachments you have held. Take it each step at a time. You’ll notice the real developments in your life 🙂

One Response to Are you REALLY working for prosperity?

  1. Maria Palma says:


    This is a great post. I would like to add that fear is another blockage of prosperity. If you focus too much on what you don’t want to happen, it actually manifests itself, so you must focus on what you actually do want!

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