Pay your bills with love!

Kavit’s Note: My coaching business has been really busy in the last week, coming off the back of two events and the usual stuff, so apologies for not being able to post here.


Imagine this: You wake up, here the post drop in through the letterbox and go down to collect it. When you see the telephone company logo, it immeadiately clicks to you that it’s a bill. Do you go “argh! another bill to pay” or “how am I going to manage to pay this?” or “I’ve just got paid, and now it’s going to go again.”?

I’ve committed those “crimes” as well, and paying with such thought patterns hasn’t helped. Let me explain. When you see the bill and get depressed or into a lower, negative state about it, you bring your attention to it and the power of your projection is negative. And remember, what you put out, always comes back. Like attracts like, so if you focus on remaining in the negative state, you’re going to keep staying in that situation each time.

What I’ve conditioned myself to do is to have divine love working through me in every situation. When I see my bills, I immeadiately feel “great, I can pay these one’s off as soon as possible!” and whether you have the money or not is somewhat out of the question. You see, money is in constant flow, just like the universe. When you let go of some money, you pave the way and are inviting the universe to send some more through.

I hear you say… “If you keep letting go and receiving the same amount of money, you have the same level all the time. What’s the point in that?” So here’s a technique to increase your range of money… everytime you let go of some money, affirm this: “I give thanks for my ability to share £(10). I am now receiving ten times more, or £(100) into my life. This, or more, manifests now.” The power of ten is that used in the ancient times. Do this for any petty cash you spend, even if it’s at the sweet shop! I credit Catherine Ponder for teaching me this, for it is making me lots and lots with my continued use of it.

Pay your bills with love. That’s the energy you put out and by increasing your range, you’ll get more unconditional, universal love back as well as an increasing money range. Feel free to share your thoughts about this and your stories here.

The universe is watching your every thought, feeling and action… Watch Out!

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