Don’t settle for Tolerations!

I feel there are two different kinds of tolerations. The first is what I call “seated tolerations” – things that are “seated” within your life that when you are asked whether it needs to be there, you can’t answer “Yes!” straightaway. The second kind is what I call “immeadiate tolerations” – things that you put up with each day that take up space in your mind and distract you from that which is really important.

I believe that if you are tolerating something, it needs to be tackled to make way for something else to flow through and free energy to be created. Toleration isn’t good enough and to me, it means that it’s not important. Let me give you some examples…

A few weeks ago, I was with my parents in the garage and we were cleaning out some stuff to make way for some new storage cabinets. I took lead role and went through the garage asking if they needed the particular item. If they didn’t or couldn’t answer “Yes!” straightaway, I’d happily chuck it out… I told them, “if you can’t answer me straightaway, it means you don’t need it, and when you do really desire it, it’ll be sent your way!”

Another example was with a close friend of mine. He feels he has to do various chores for family members who aren’t even immeadiate, and when I asked him why, he told me it’s like a duty. I asked him whether it’s something he’s happy to do or whether he’s tolerating it. The answer was toleration, and I invited him to stop and be honest with his true feelings and following his “inner sense” or knowing as to what’s right. He’s no longer living in toleration

The first example above was of “seated tolerations” and the second was of “immeadiate tolerations”. By handling tolerations, you’re able to free up energy and space in your life so new things can come through. You’re also able to pursue other things that you may want to do and enjoy. Don’t let tolerations weigh you down.

Do you feel that something is holding you back from achieving your true growth and happiness? If so, follow this pathway to being toleration-free:

First make a list of the things that you feel you are currently tolerating. Classify them in various groups – work, family, friends, finance, community work, etc. Continue to build on this last as you feel. Then simply begin working on them one by one. As you start, go forth with the knowledge that you are creating more energy and freedom in your life to do what you really want to be doing, by not having the thought of things which you are tolerating. As you start, you’ll build unstoppable momentum that help you to complete all the items on your list as you feel ready.

If you’re saying, “There’s nothing I’m putting up with!”, I invite you to keep this in the “back of your mind” and as you go through your next few days or weeks, notice what kind of things in your life that you could do without. It’s these things that you should put on your list as you’re tolerating it. Then literally sweep them out… And have fun when doing so as you are now creating space for new and renewed infectious energy.



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