My Three Shocking Truths About Wealth

Here are my three shocking truths about wealth:

  1. You have full right to be prosperous.
  2. It is not wrong; but RIGHT to be prosperous.
  3. Your thoughts make you what you are today.

You see, from a spiritual angle, this makes total sense. If you believe in a higher power, source or God, you may believe you are the child of the wealthiest, richest and most abundant person. If this is the case, you must be wealthy, for you have a wealthy heritage, right?

Those who read my work, become coaching clients, come to my seminars, or know me personally will realise how vital shocking truth number three is to me! You are where you are today because of your thoughts and your thoughts today will take you forward. If you don't like your thoughts at the moment, you are surely not going to like what's awaiting you. You must only attract what you want in your life. Everything I am doing now is only what brings me joy and I am fortunate to be in such a situation. If you are unable to get out of something you don't fully enjoy, it doesn't matter. Make the most out of your present situation. Give it a spin and see the positive. Figure an ends-goal it gives you and work towards that. If you do that, all unnecessary things will simply fall out of the way.

What are your top shocking truths about wealth?


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