Looking for the spiritual pathway

Each and everyone of us has once always pondered on which spiritual pathway is the right one to take. However, what we also say is that spirit (or source), the life force exists in everything is present all the time. So if spirit is everywhere, how can we look for the right spiritual pathway to take?

By realising that every encounter in life has spirit in it, i.e. it has life force; then everything we do and every path we are walking on is a spiritual one – a pathway in which there our source of substance and the life force is present. Whether it's getting fired from a job, going higher in one's life, increasing one's time spent with the family, increasing/decreasing time for reading, meditation and self-reflection, connecting, believing or disbelieving… it's all a spiritual pathway.

We need not look far for our purpose as it sits within. All it wants is for ourselves to be expressed more openly. Work from today to bring greater awareness in your life so that by cultivating an increased awareness, you can experience a greater sense of achievement as you see each pathway as spiritual.

As often said, "the answers are within!" They just need you to pay attention in each and every moment.


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