Spring Clean your Clutter!

Are you facing a time when you've got lots of clutter around and just not sure how to get through it all without getting burderned or stressed? Are you wondering how you can make the shift to a new home easily without getting too involved with all the clutter?

I believe that part of the clutter clearing process is all about making fast decisions. The method I use is pretty daring and some people find it frantic! If I'm in a clutter clearing session, I ask myself if I need the item. If I can say "yes" straightaway, it means I do. If I'm saying "no" or undecided, then I don't need and get rid of it. I believe that when I do really need it later on, it'll manifest in my life.

It's always good to go through the home or clutter one area at a time. Let's take the home as the analogy here.  Don't work through all rooms at one go. Start from the top, start the attic and then break when you're done there. Then return to the first bedroom. Take a break, and go forth. By doing it in small pieces, you gain the confidence to continue the process.

In each room, categorise your items into five things:

  1. Donations
  2. Keeps
  3. Sell
  4. Store
  5. Trash

When you're done, pack up the donations in a box and take it down to the charity store. Box up the selling stuff and set a date for a garage sale, auction, etc. Store those items for storage in boxes. Trash what you don't want and keep what you want! Make sure to maintain the organisation of that one clutter free space.  Refuse letting them become reinfected with clutter!

Clutter clearing is fun. Don't let it down you! My musicians coaching business has a branch in the South of England where I have a life coach who works there on a monthly basis as I can't make it there every month. The life coach is Alison Perry, and she runs her own as the expert for clutter-free living. Check her website out for more information: http://www.beclutterfree.co.uk


One Response to Spring Clean your Clutter!

  1. Maria Palma says:

    I’ve started my spring cleaning as well. It really clears your mind! As I get older I realize that I’m not so attached to “stuff” as I once was.

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