Global Issues That Affect Everyone

If there is one website that I highly recommend in order to help you stay aware and in the driving seat of your life, it's Global Issues. Global Issues is a website set up by my friend, Anup Shah in 1998 as a hobby. Although Anup is armed with a computer science degree, his interest lies with global issues and that took him to set up a great informative website. As of May 2006, it has over 400 articles and 7000 links to websites, reports, analysts, etc.

The Global Issues website looks into global issues that affect everyone and aims to show how most issues are inter-related. It's resources are being used by students, lecturers and others as an inside guide into global issues and what's going on. It contains up-to-the date information to do with topical issues such as foreign aid, energy security, Honk Kong's WTO, global warming and the G8 debt spin.

Now why am I recommending this website to you? The mission of my writing here is to really share anything valuable that will help increase one's awareness. By increasing your awareness, you are able to make more informed choices and effective decisions with less clutter. You live a life with joy, passion and energy.

Anup says, "I feel that instead of quick sound bites and limited context, a deeper understanding of the issues is important because it helps us understand how we got to where we are today. Only then can we begin to contemplate and effectively plan where we are headed and what that implies for the societies and peoples of today and tomorrow."

I totally agree. Although I believe that the answers are within you, the environment tends to have a bearing as to which way you go and which you form your outcomes. Check out the Global Issues website.


One Response to Global Issues That Affect Everyone

  1. Troy Worman says:

    Great recommendation! Thanks for the link.

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