What School Doesnt Teach

My two-year research project has kicked off. It's a work research project with my business, InnerRhythm and will ultimately lead to starting The InnerRhythm Foundation.

The project, WhatSchoolDoesntTeach.com, is live over at this website and seeks out views from hundreds of people as to what they wish they learnt back at school in order to create brilliant lives now.

The headline reads: "Imagine being 21, fully passionate about what you're doing, living a healthy, abundant life, and striving towards your goals like your on Auto-Pilot Let's help kids today become like that!"

The plan in the next two years is to build a base of presenters and take all these views and condense them into ten key lessons for self-development. Presenters will then run ten week programs at schools after school and share these lessons through free, fun and interactive sessions with kids.

You can also help promote this is in many ways. As well as linking to it, sharing this with your friends and blogging about it, why not write a testimonial just like those in the yellow boxes on the website?

Remember, this is non-profit. Please hop on over to WhatSchoolDoesntTeach.com and share your thoughts.


One Response to What School Doesnt Teach

  1. Maria Palma says:


    Congratulations on your new venture and good will to you! You’re doing a good thing by starting this and it is my pleasure to assist in any way that I can. By the way, I have added your banner to my blog.

    Maria Palma

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