My pH Miracle

Once in a while, each person takes drastic measures to produce drastic results. This last week was my turn. Last weekend, 17th and 18th June, I attended Warren Borsje's Millionaire Bootcamp in London to listen to many speakers from around the world share their cutting edge strategies to an audience of 700 or so people.

Like in many conferences, there are stall's outside the main room where during breaks you can check out what's being offered. One of them that caught my eye was the stall offering a free "one minute body fat test"

As a generally skinny person, I thought my body fat percentage would be incredibly low. I looked normal, and fit enough. The result though was extraordinarly surprising to me. According to my age, a normal person's body fat percentage should be 8% – 18%. I was in the obese column, at 36.1%. It was shocking. I even spent the next few hours wondering what the hell is wrong with me. I missed out listening to one of the speakers.

I made a commitment in those moments, to give myself just seven days to change my health around. I made a choice to do this, nobody apart from myself forced me to do this. I had to do it to show myself that I am not obese anymore and never want to be. By the way, for those of you reading this and wondering how I can be skinng and come under the category of "obese", let me introduce you to Dr Robert O Young.

Dr Young is a pioneer in scientific research and shows that there is just one disease and one cure. Every disease is caused by one thing, the over-acidification of the body. As you take in too much acid, you're body needs to find a way to store it otherwise you're stomach and digestive processes will not function. To do this, your body takes the acid and stores it as fat cells, which increases your overall body fat percentage. For some people, this can be seen externally, and for others, like myself, it's an internal thing. Please read about Dr Young here:

The one cure that is present is re-alkalisation of your body to reach optimum health and to create the right pH balance in your body for the right functions. Since last Sunday, I took on a highly alkaline diet to try and meet my goal of being in the "normal" category. At some times, I felt ill but that was just because my body was getting rid and flushing out the unwanted acid by balancing the body's pH levels.

Here's what happened…

On Friday, I met up with Carol (the lady who did the test) and I asked her to do the test again. It showed that my rigorous work had paid off, my body fat percentage… (wait for it!)… was down all the way to 19%…

That was an incredibly proud and breakthrough moment for me. I took myself from a high 39.1% to 19% in just six days. It can be done. It's a choice to make. And it'll only work if you have the right beliefs. It's now up to me to balance my diet and keep it in the normal body fat percentage.

What is the one thing you've always wanted to change in your life and haven't done it? Why haven't you done it? What can you do today, however big or small, to make that change? Will you use my story to inspire you?


One Response to My pH Miracle

  1. Ross says:

    Hi Kavit

    Great news to hear you have embraced the principles of the alkaline diet. I hope you have managed to stick with it in the month following this post.

    However, I am worried about the body fat reading that you were given at the seminar as to lose 20% body fat in 6 days is almost inhumanly impossible and is certainly a massive health risk. I suspect that your initial reading may have been innacurate. However, it would be good to find out from you for sure as this would certainly make inspiring reading for other obese individuals.

    Regardless, your weekend cleanse will have done you an absolute wonder of good (regardless of the body fat reading!) and I have to congratulate you on that success.

    Have a wonderful day,

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