Energy Vampires

My good friend, Jon Gordon is America’s Number 1 Energy Coach. Jon travels America, delivering seminars in public and corporate situations. He is also the author of two best-selling books, his latest “The 10 Minute Energy Solution” released in January 2006. Please check him out at

Jon talks a lot about Energy Vampires, things that suck and drain energy out of you and his role is to help you find ways to restore that energy within yourself. It is with energy that you will be able to move forward to achieve the desires you wish. And it is through Jon that I have mastered the art of creating energy within me so I am at peak at all times in order to create more effeciency in my life.

Energy Vampires can be in the form of lack of sleep, poor eating habits, Starbucks coffee, drugs and excessive alcohol, lack conditioning, media negativity, wrong peer group and much more. Make a list of what energy vampires are currently in your life, and work to get rid of them one by one. You’ll feel much more energetic, I guarantee that.

Things such as giving up Starbucks coffee, poor eating habits, drugs and alcohol and TV are more easier than dealing with your peer group. Many of us have friends and family who are negative and depressed. We feel obliged to stick with them through their “tough” times, not consciously knowing the effect it has on us. And we don’t just want to leave them in the lurch too.

It is important that when you are surrounded by such negative people, or people who just bring you down, you stay positive. It is no use if you are negative too. And it is also no use if you can’t stay strong and positive. The ultimate result is that you’ll also be drained, tired and stressed if you can’t handle it. As a positive person, you’re radiating energy and will give the other person an emotional lift from their negativity. This is you facing your energy vampires right in the face.

Other things I’d recommend you are do: exercise for a few moments each day, surround yourself with people who are going in the same direction as you are. A good peer group will get you on the road to success automatically. Eat healthily. Give people gifts. Give up the coffee, and try some green tea. Read my post about that here. Surround yourself with books and audio tapes on inspiration, motivation and personal development.

When surfing the web, I come across many newsletters. I also subscribe to them, but unsubscribe within a few weeks because I don’t see any value for me in those moments. There’s one that I highly recommend though. Jon Gordon’s Energy Tip is written and sent out every single Monday. I always look out for it because of the straight forward value that he provides to my life. Every newsletter I have read so far has been instrumental in creating some sort of action within me. It’s free, and I urge you to sign up. Check out his website,


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