Who is Kavit?

Welcome to Awareness and Consciousness. This weblog exists for Kavit Haria to share thoughts, learnings and ideas from daily life in order to allow the expansion of one's horizon. In a fast moving society, it's important to keep up as well as take moments out so we can slow down, rejuvenate and recuperate ourselves so that we can live more consciously, producing deliberate results with passion, joy and energy.

This site has over 50 different articles all written by myself. (Please see this weblog’s sitemap for a full list). The topics range from book reviews to experiences, attraction to health, wealth to finance, music to success, all written by myself.

Writing this blog just comes out of pure interest. For many years, I have been saturated in the world of personal development. I have listened to many top speakers, mostly on tapes, CDs and through reading hundreds of books and have also been lucky enough to speak with some too.

This weblog is my hobby. Another hobby (and income at times) is my skills as a multi-percussionist, with focus on the Tabla (North-Indian style drums) having had the priviledge to study with the Pandit Sharda Sahai. Another hobby I'm pursuing is really my deep interest in Genetics. This has led me to university now to study for a degree in Medical Genetics. My other hobby, which is my current main source of income (what others call a job) is my work as a coach, speaker and writer for musicians through my business, InnerRhythm.





– Kavit Haria



I have received several requests as to whether material from this weblog can be reproduced. Every piece of writing here is protected under a “Creative Commons License.” The reason for the copyright is to ensure that any of the content is not misused. Should you want to reprint any material from the website, please include the following text with it.

"This piece of writing has been taken from Kavit Haria's "Awareness and Consciousness" – Kavit's weblog of thoughts, learnings and ideas. Please visit it here: https://awarenessandconsciousness.wordpress.com/"

© 2004–2006


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