Secrets of The Money Shamans

May 26, 2006

Around two weeks ago, I had the good fortune of connecting with Davide de Angelis, author of the ebook, Secrets of The Money Shamans. I regularly get asked to write testimonials, review products, etc because of the nature of my work, but I rarely take many of them up because of the time it takes to do such things. However something really pulled me to check out Davide's book so I followed my inner feeling.

I immeadiately dropped my work and delved into the book for a few hours on the same day. The book is very powerful. It breaks apart traditional teachings and presents the way that the world works. It uses extremely powerful, creative and non-standard exercises to show you how you can bring more money into your life. The lessons are creative, and just reading the contents page will make you intrigued to find out more.

Davide's story is one of inspiration, through which he met his teachers, Paolo and Caroline Santoro when his life was on the fall. Their commitment to learn together brought about major changes in Davide's life which made him a money-making machine.

Like all holistic people advise, don't cure the problem on the surface, head down to the root and demolish it from there. Through this book, the Money Shamans will help you do that. Here's what Davide has to say:

The other problem with most teachings or techniques is that they don't explain how to deal with the powerful resistance to change we all have – even if we are uncomfortable with our present circumstances. They don't give you the tools you need to complete the job. This is why you will often experience only a temporary shift before falling back into old ways of thinking and acting around money.

And the Secrets of the Money Shamans help you do this.

Personally for me, even though I have read many many books on finance, personal wealth, etc and all have had an impact on me, this one has spiritually created a larger change and that is the basis for the real mental and physical change as I feel my beliefs are now grounded.

Genuinely, if you're going to invest in your life's money education, get this book because it'll help form a solid foundation. I think it's much needed and it's a small investment for the return you'll get. I promise.


Wish Lists

May 3, 2006

Remember as kids, we used to have wish lists? Either mentally or phsyically, we’d have lists of the things we’d want, and when we go out or watch the TV, we’d see things and then continue adding more things to our list?

Wish lists are great! Using the principles of attraction, you can use a wish list to attract whatever you want into reality. You can create wish lists for absolutely anything.

One of my wish list’s is created electronically at Amazon and is based on books that I really, really, really want to read and am working on attracting it into my life! And you know what? It’s working unbelievably well for me! In just three months, I have received five books into my life, either from friends, monetary gifts to purchase the books, and even once I gifted myself.

Check out my wish list here 🙂

Left To Tell – ImmaculeĂ© Ilibagiza

April 30, 2006

This is by far the best book I have read in all of 2005 and so far in 2006. Through just reading this book, I feel like I know the author as a close friend and she has changed my life forever. Immaculee was engulfed in the Rwandan genocide in 1994 in which a million people were slaughtered including all of her family in just three months. She was fortunate to have been hidden in a secret bathroom squashed with seven other women for around 91 days with minimal food and just her father’s rosary.

Immaculee writes about her horrendous story in Rwanda before and during the genocide. Her story is one of great teachings to many people because of how she spent countless hours in the bathroom praying, meditating and seeking support from God. In the bathroom, she had “visions” of working for the United Nations and then learnt English through a few books in the darkened bathroom.

She then goes on to talk about how she was saved and then forgived the killers of her family and all her friends. She is purely guided by what God has in store for her, and amidst the Rwandan holocaust, she found deep forgiveness.

The greatest thing is that through mental imagery, visualisation and prayer/affirmations, she attracted the United Nations job. For the first two weeks, she went into the office and sat the whole day pushing for the job and didn’t get it. She got it in the end through persistence and attraction! She also did this, seeking her perfect husband – and she got that too! She is now in the USA, working with the UN and married with two kids. Both Immaculee and Dr Wayne Dyer are touring together for their new books.

I was so hooked onto this book that I finished it in four hours, split over three days. The book also brought tears to my eyes through her strong teaching of forgiveness and love. I highly suggest you grab your copy and read it – this book will change your life forever, like it did mine.

Get your copy!

A Million Little Pieces

February 19, 2006

Last weekend, I completed reading James Frey’s “A Million Little Pieces“. Branded as a non-fictional autobiography, I feel it is written in a very fictional way throughout telling the common story of the tough-guy who is an alcohol and drug addict and combats this in a drug clinic and comes out stronger!

All in all, I think this is a riveting book! It allows one to take a look at the horrid experiences of individuals who travel their life journey spending some time in an drug addiction clinic in order to overcome their problems and lead a beautiful life without touching such substances.

I particularly like the way James starts his book. The initial chapter puts you in the middle of his life, portraying the nothingness that existed before it brings you and him to really understand he got there. James is a ten year drug addict! There is also great writing about James’s dental experience in which he underwent the most excrutiating dental operations without anaesthetic. He captivates the reader with his strength and will to overcome his current situation.

The drug clinic has claimed that no-one can get out drug-free without being part of a group called Alcoholics Anonymous – something which James is reluctant towards and has no intention of following. He shows to the clinic, others and himself that with strong will-power, strong intentions and clear vision, it really is possible to stay strong and away from being a criminal, drug and alcohol addict.

Something I learnt very well was the meaning of friendships. James Frey met and made many different kinds of individuals with various working backgrounds in the detox who then became his friends. It is these friends who brought him into a higher state of being and helped him get out criminal trouble and reduced three years jail sentencing to just three months. Although he knew it was of their doing, his friends hardly accepted the gratitude.

Another essential part that also makes this book a great self-help book is the fact that there’s a psychologist at the drug centre who has a good working relationship with James and shares great insights that can help anyone get better on their path of recovery.

In the last month or so, there has been a lot of critiscism to say that James has made a lot up about this book and some real individuals in the book haven’t been registered for dying in the way James has mentioned. Although James Frey has mentioned that a lot has been exastered for creative and author writing purposes, his books that go to print from February 2006 all contain a disclaimer – a useful tool to have for authors nowadays!

My Book Wish-List

February 10, 2006

I enjoy reading books – fiction and non-fiction. My current rate is around ten books a month. Some I get finished in a day, some I get done over two. Others take me up to a week. I wouldn’t call myself a book addict. Mistake. I would call myself a book addict but I do it purely for the awareness and learning purposes. Of course, with that, I totally enjoy what I read. If I don’t like the book at that particular time, I’ll return it or stack it on my shelf until I feel like picking it up.

Reading has been instilled in me when I was growing up. My parents had always thought that it was really important to read a variety of things – magazines, newspapers, books, but more importantly to do it consistently. To be frank, they actually taught me a whole host of personal growth tools without even realising it (eg: consistency!) My father loves to buy The Times, or The Telegraph newspaper. With all the other little news pull-outs that come with it, there’s so much beauty to delve into. I’ve always been fond of travelling, so I remember as a kid, I used to go straight to the Travel section to see what’s available – not that I was going to travel.

My father ensured I read at least two articles a day. I’d also read various story books at times too. It was until around 16 when I really went for the personal development books and to date, I must have gone through over 250. Personal growth is absolutely vital to me. In every book that I dive into, although I have an open mind, I still seek the following:-

  1. What can I get out of it?
  2. What can I get out of it to share with others?

And I believe that it is through these that I had achieved above 95% in all my written essays in college and at university. I have been told on numerous occasions that I write well. My view is that my writing still needs to be dramatically increased in quality, but I am able to acknowledge the growth in my writing. Just surf back to about eight months ago on this blog and see what I wrote to make that comparison.

Make a choice today to read. Pick up a book and start reading. Don’t force yourself to read more than you can. When you feel it’s time to stop, then stop. Return when you’re ready. We are living in a world where there is a plethora of every single thing. Everything is in abundance. From the UK, we have resources that can take us to the Amazon rainforest without even physically moving. In the same way, Australians can visit Thailand without even going there. We are lucky to be living in an age of bountiful resources – we just have to open our eyes, ears and hearts to all that is available and one curious way of doing that is through books. Expand your horizons.

I always like to keep a large list of books that I wish to obtain. Like Amazon, I call it my wish list. Every now and again, I return to it and I see which is the next one to get and amazingly due to my approriate intending, it usually does manifest into my life. To continue my intending, below is a list of books that I’m working on attracting. Would you like to help me attract?

At this point, I’m currently reading James Frey’s “A Million Little Pieces

Books that I am intending to manifest:

Time to Think: Listening to Ignite the Human Mind by Nancy Kline

A Salty Piece of Land by Jimmy Buffett

Unleashing Your Brilliance by Brian E. Walsh
The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life by Steve Leveen

Jump Start Your Brain by Doug Hall
Flawless Consulting by Peter Block

Do you have any other recommendations?

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Corporate Head, Spiritual Heart

February 3, 2006

I was fortunate to be at a book launch party just a few days ago. I have read over 300 books spanning all elements of personal development from spirituality to time management, muscians' development to work and career, finance to health and business to relationships, but in all that, I have never come across such as special book as Shilpa Unalkat's brand new "Corporate Head, Spiritual Heart: Creating True Success and Fulfillment Without the Hang-Ups"

Shilpa's book talks about implementing spirituality into the corporate world and the instant resulting benefits for the employee and employer. Shilpa, a former well-paid and successful lawyer took a major finance cut to really live the life she wanted whilst being true to herself. Having coached top business firms to being more successful, she now shares the secrets of how spirituality and the act of treating employee's well can really bring about huge profit advancements.

Personally, I don't have a keen interest in the corporate world, but I enjoyed diving into this book and completing it in 4 hours, particularly because of the way Shilpa writes. Her well-spoken English backed up with strong evidence, statistics and fellow personal development books really brings to life the reality that can be created by really making an organisation successful by treating the employees as people, rather than slaves.

The book is divided into two parts, and that divided into chapters. The theory in Part 1 is backed up with Shilpa's vast reservoir of experience from her coaching clients in Part 2 where she shares the most common challenges individuals face. She also shares top personal development tools to enhancing one's current position.

I highly recommend this book. I was fortunate to meet Shilpa a few years ago very briefly for the first time having been introduced by Arvind Devalia. Again, I met her at her book launch a few nights ago but still haven't known her personally. Having now read this book, I feel that I can say that I really know Shilpa – her style, personality and unstoppable confidence just flows out of the book and into me, sharing with me the secrets of a really successful individual, someone I am know calling a real role model.

Get Shilpa's book: "Corporate Head, Spiritual Heart: Creating True Success and Fulfillment Without the Hang-Ups"

Get The Life You Love And Live It!

December 13, 2005

Get the life you love and live by Arvind Devalia is an awesome book. I promised that once I’ve finished working through Arvind’s second book, I’ll post a review, so here it is. I found the book to be really inspiring as its filled with ideas, thoughts and ways for one to move forward in each aspect of their life so that they improve all round.

When Arvind sent me his first book, I felt lucky and priviledged to have a copy of a good friend’s book, one which really helped me to identify my strengths and improve on my weaknesses. When his second book came through my door two weeks later, I was further astounded by the power it had. It was really good to see how Arvind had used his own personal experiences, one which most of us can relate to, in order to move forward.

To me, his book portrays a bold statement that every person has many strengths and it is by utilising these strengths, and things we love, that we are able to get the life we love and be able to really live it. Think of the love of your life as your greatest strength. Long before reading this book I had developed a strong awareness of my key strengths and weaknesses, but I hadn’t given serious consideration to the idea that it is the real way to get ahead. With Arvind’s action-focused book, I had space to write down my ideas and then take action on them

Since I received the book over a week ago, I’ve been working on it for half an hour each day. Although I’ll need more time to see the real impact, I’ve completed it, noted down my actions and have begun to take action. With 25 steps to success, Arvind has really helped to look at each area of my life at such a crucial time – the departure of this year, and the arrival of the next.

Many personal development books contain miserably pointless exercises, but I can’t recall even a single pointless quiz that forces you to rate yourself on some arbitrary scale. It’s absolutely awesome!

If you haven’t got Arvind’s book, I urge you to get it. As an individual who has read over 50 personal development books this year alone, Arvind’s will meet my top 10 because of the style of writing, the way its action-focused, and how the book helps you monitor your results.

Get it signed, directly from him here: Get The Life You Love And Live It