The definite richness!

April 14, 2006

Once again, I've been out of touch with my blogging for several days because my business is doing well, my study is good too and I'm having a blast of a time! However, I don't like that I haven't made time to blog so I'm ensuring that I'm back on track from today.

I believe that everything happens for the perfect reasons and therefore at the perfect time. Just last night, our television went bust! Perfect timing because it's the Easter sales this weekend. This morning, I spent some time looking around various shops for some televisions and as I looked at the wealth that was around me, I asked myself, what is the definition of richness?

What do you define as rich? What is great wealth for you? Is it a great 50" plasma TV? A beautiful home? A nice car? Donations to charity? Security? Health? A satisfied and fulfilled life?

Richness is not just about being financially wealthy, it is everything associated with being wealthy. Being in a prosperous state is a great feeling of richness. When you are fulfilled, you are in a state of richness.

Get really specific about what would bring you a rich life. No one judges you, and thereforere there are no right or wrong answers. Live your life the way YOU want to. Get out some paper and brainstorm what being rich is for you and then spend a few moments each day focusing thoroughly on this. Watch that your thoughts, feelings and beliefs are aligned with your rich goal and then welcome it to unfold in your life.

You see, we are all creators. We hold the power with us to create anything we want in our lives. Our ability to manifest the changes we desire depends on the depth and passion of our beliefs and on the focus of our attention. Commit today to begin commanding for the richness in your life!

If you're in London next Saturday 22 April, come along to my "Attracting Wealth through Rhythm" seminar where we'll look at the mental state of wealth and how you can manifest wealth into your life. And also, it'd be great to meet you!


It’s important to brake!

April 2, 2006

You're the one driving in your life, and if you don't realise it, most of the time you are on the accelerator pedal. Try using the brake pedal every now and again, because it's important to slow down from the higher gear.

If we're living in the higher gear for so long, we'll never be able to experience what life has to offer to us fully. And in situations of stress, anxiety and "high gear" driving, we'll never be able to fully grasp compassion, love, happiness, appreciation and fun. What we will get is frustration, annoyance and impatience.

To experience life, you've got to tune in to the pace of nature which as Ralph Waldo Emerson said is patience. There is always a choice to make in every situation life has to offer. Choose to use the brake pedal and slow down in your life so you can see life for what it truly is.

I like Eddie Cantor's quote: "Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast — you also miss the sense of where you are going and why."

Mental Imagery

March 11, 2006

Call it Karma, the Law of Attraction, Cause and Effect, or whatever you want, but in all instances, the theory is the same – “that which you radiate, you will experience.”

Mental Imagery is a term that may be familiar to many as “visualisation”, “imagining the feel”, “hearing in my head” or “seeing in the mind’s eye.” Many people have great desires, but they shy aware from them because of the unbelief and uncertainty from others that is exposed onto them. For long now, I have always kept a small book in my pocket. Nobody has known about this book. It is what I call my “manifestation book” – everything I want to manifest into my life – desires for my business, health, wealth, family, friends, study, etc is all shared in that book. I make real notes on everything I want and take time to really get it into my mental imagery.

When I started this and shared my desires, I got a lot of negative feedback from individuals about how my desires are unachievable. Who do they think they are imposing on my personal ambitions? After that, I dropped the case and kept it my little book, and the speed at which success is manifesting in my life is absolutely great. In my pile of current reading is Catherine Ponder’s “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” and she speaks the same. I highly recommend this book – it’s made me lots of money!

Imagination is a much better motivator than will power. Every thing you have achieved in the past – whether it be financial gain or lack, health betterment or not, etc – has all happened because of a particular mental imagery you had created in your mind. And what you are doing in your present moment is exactly what your mental imagery has caused.

Mental Imagery is used in many aspects of society. Many sports such as golf, tennis and skating, not only require physical skills, but a strong mental game as well. Most coaches preach the line that sports are 90% mental and only 10% physical. Different uses of imagery in sport include: mental practice of specific performance skills, improving confidence and positive thinking, problem solving, controlling arousal and anxiety, performance review and analysis, preparation for performance, and maintaining mental freshness during injury.

I personally don’t believe there is any correct way to practice mental imagery, however there are some certain things I would like to share. When practicing mental imagery:

  • Always play the situation as if it were happening right now. The subconscious mind has no understanding of the concept of time like the conscious mind has. By practicing mental imagery for the situation, the subconscious mind will experience it and then rush to work so that it can make it manifest for you.
  • Be absolutely Clear. You must have clarity for what you want. To do this, seek to find what you don’t want and then understand what you really do want. It is this that you can then expand in detail during your mental imagery.
  • Be absolutely honest. This is vital – ensure that in your visualisation, you are absolutely honest about what you want. Don’t shy away from what you want. No-one else apart from you will know.
  • When complete, forget it all. When you reach a state of content and peace about your visualisation in that you have achieved satisfaction, simply forget it all and allow it to uncover in your life.

Let me share with you an example from my life.

A while back, I wrote myself out a cheque payable to myself, “Kavit Haria” of a certain amount that I wished to manifest (the amount is personal) and I signed it as a “Gift from the Universe.” I then placed it in my wallet where I knew I would see it often as I opened my wallet. In the coming days, I spent time thinking about and visualising the sum I wanted, and then forgot about it. In the following weeks, I really saw various avenues for revenue, gifts, free journey rides and much more appear into my life. It was absolutely great – I got some new clothes, I got a full two-day seminar offered free, the bus driver didn’t ask me to pay for several journeys and I even got some new clients for my business.

Here’s something you can do to attract money…

Cut several pieces of paper into the shape of your currency notes. Write out onto them a particular amount as reflected in your nation’s currency, or even make it up. Get creative – these are your new currency notes. Keep these in your wallet, where you can see them regularly. Each day, spend just a few minutes, really focusing on how it feels that you have that money as if it were real. Follow the tips above too! You must have commitment – it could or could not be an overnight thing. The universe will respond, just you wait and see…

The Intimate Human-Chimp Relationship

February 28, 2006

The theory that humans and chimps may be closely related to each other than chimps are to gorillas or orungatans has just become even more compelling. Our genetic makeup shows that around 98% of our genes are exactly identical to that of a chimp, however it is the crucial 2% that distinguishes us in our looks – i.e. the chimp has a full coat of fur whereas humans do not. The media portrays this regularly as “the humans are just smarter chimps!”

Experiments have even been done to show that chimps have a similar IQ ratio in mathematics to that of humans. And although human brains are larger, brain size has little to do with intelligence. Men have larger brains than women, but few would suggest that men are more intelligent than women.

From a biblical standpoint, all this is complete rubbish. God creates both chimps and humans separately and there is no such linkage genetically. Our makeup is spiritual in nature and has nothing to do with our genes. A religious activitist will say that man’s capacity to create art, to express himself in music, and to be able to be taught to think in these areas is not a product of our intelligence. Severely retarded humans frequently demonstrate extraordinary ability in these areas.

I personally follow both standpoints. I absolutely have great faith in understanding that humans and chimps have a deep relationship that boils down to similar gene maps, however each individual and chimp has personal uniqueness. And I believe that this uniqueness comes from one’s spiritual makeup. Science can argue that one’s uniqueness is due to genetic mutations but to my understanding, same mutations can occur to more than one person.

Spirituality is not at all religion. To me, spirituality is a sense of meaning and purpose, a sense of self and ‘that which is greater than self’ – my inner being. It is a way of living that emphasises a constant awareness of the surroundings whilst being absolutely present and whole in each moment. This spirituality brings out my uniqueness.

I am unique in that I have a varied interest in life – genetics, personal development, music, drums, spirituality and great awareness. I love to form effective relationships and this is another uniqueness of my being. I am a passionate musician; and although playing quite similar to various drummers, I’m still very different in the way I play. This is my uniqueness.

What is your uniqueness? What is your ‘personal identifier’? How do you want to be remembered? What is the one special thing about you or what you do that you want to stand out? I like to put ‘being unique’ as the need to exist for something different from anyone else. As you understand that you are fully unique, you will be able to fully appreciate other individuals for what they are and their absolute uniqueness.

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Successful Marketing

February 19, 2006

You can only say that you have successfully marketed when you see that you have built great relationships and got results through that. In the last two years, my learning and understanding of the business world has increased dramatically as I’m actively developing my musicians’ coaching business. In that time, I have joined up to over 12 different e-courses offering to help me develop my marketing plan and relevant skills, however, what I’ve noticed is that their all talking the same thing. Every single one of them has focused on saying the same thing and getting the same message across. The message was simple: get focused on your niche, develop credibility through consistency, know your competition and target market and then breakthrough by staying on top of it.

For me, each and every client I have worked with has come through my newsletter. The process is simple – they visit my website, fill out the little box that informs them that they’ll now receive my fortnightly newsletter and simply, sit back and receive it every two weeks or so. With that, I was able to build some kind of relationship. I say this because although it made contact with them every two weeks, it seemed to be impersonal but managed to give them a taster of my work. There was only the odd one or two people personally replying.

I remember back this time last year (Jan 05), I worked on developing a thin workbook so that musicians can benefit from some real coaching through the workbook at a low cost. I only intended that the workbook be a test and that if it’d be successful, I’d focus on something greater. I also wanted to get more copies printed to give them out for free at my workshops, but that all fell through. At first, the workbook sales rocketed but with little or no marketing at all, I wasn’t surprised to see no sales whatsoever. The greatest lesson I ever took from that period wasn’t to just market, but rather, if I’m going to put time into something great, I’m either going to go full out and work on making it major (no such thing as testing!) or just offer the whole load in a nice package for free!

The amount of time I can give to my business is about 7-8 hours a week because of other committments I currently have, and I like it the way it is. This means that I can only work with a small number of clients, and have time to devote to building relationships as well.

A year later (Jan 06), I was fortunate enough to get some information about my coaching and how I can help musicians in an email and sent to the ArtistManager database which holds over 40,000 artists and managers. From that came another burst of musicians on my database and more individuals to build relationships with.

A few days after that, I realised that I have a whole load of content literally sitting around. What could I do with it? I figured that the best thing was to create a long eprogramme that would serve musicians and also help me continue to build relationships. By this time, I had learnt that my potential clients are the 2,500 odd musicians on my mailing list so it’s important for me to focus on giving them all I can in the best way possible. I then created the eprogramme called Music Success 101 using all the existing content and archived articles, and then I just formatted it. I joined Aweber for £12 a month and I didn’t mind paying it because of the results that would come from there.

To date, over 100 musicians from 19 countries are now receiving my 120-day long eprogramme. My email goes out to each person in a personal format every four days or so and to see the number of replies that come back from each message is really outstanding. There’s actually been one musician who has replied to each and every email. Of course, I reply back and this creates great relationships. What it also does is keep my name in their face for 120 or so days and by then, I’m quite excited to see how many musicians will become clients from that. I offer all this for free so I also understand why individuals show a lot appreciation in their emails.

For me, this is succesful marketing. I base my life around building fabulous relationships with everything I come into contact with – people, clients, newsletter subscribers, nature, water, ocean, animals, etc. I believe that if the people in Thailand had greater relationships with Mother Nature, they would have responded well to the Asian Tsunami in 2004. So too with hurricanes Katrina and Rita that struck the USA in 2005. A great example of relationships was with the marine rescue team and the whale in London’s River Thames last month.
For me, as long as I continue to build great relationships, I do not have to sell myself. I want individuals to realise what I can provide so easily that they trust that I can help take them to the next level and I know from this, the number of clients will increase in the near future.

I am proud to say that Music Success 101 has been a great hit in its early days, and I can also say that when it’s time has come to lie low, the universe will spark something else within me, for it is my purpose to be working with individuals to expand their horizons by raising their awareness and state of consciousness.

Does your life oscillate or plateau?

February 18, 2006

For a few days now, I’ve been thinking about oscillation and plateau. I flicked through an old mathematics textbook and saw an oscillating graph that brought up this thought pattern within me. Like everything, I related it to personal growth and asked myself, “what can this teach me about personal growth and developing myself?”

Thinking about it all, I wondered just how my life would be if it were oscillating – regular moments of happiness equalled out by regular moments of unhappiness. I also thought about my life as a plateau – at the top of the scale with happy moments all the time – or the opposite – a plateau with sad moments all the time. Which one would I want? I guess the answer here isn’t so tough. Think about your life for a moment. Does it plateau at a sad or happy frequency, or does it oscillate between both?

Some can argue that having a plateau is absolutely boring and that in order to experience a good, varied life, I need to be leading one that oscillates. I, on the other hand, disagree. For me, the perfect place to be residing is at a plateau of total happiness. At the same time, I can easily grab what life has to offer me by being true to myself and by responding with great thought so that I don’t release any negativity. I follow what the Law of Attraction preaches: “that which is like is drawn unto itself.” If I react negatively and allow the plateau to oscillate towards the sadness, I am sending out sad thoughts, and will in turn, attract sad experiences.

I am striving to live a plateau of happiness – one where I can honestly be myself and also be at a higher vibrational frequency. Currently, I’m sitting near the plateau with a few more bumps than I’d like but I know I’m doing what I can to work on achieving that position for my life.

What are you doing about it? Firstly decide with the three options that are present where you ideally want to be – do you want to live a plateau of happiness, a plateau of unhappiness or an oscillating life? – then assess your situation and see what you can do to get where you want to be. If you’re aiming to be at the plateau of happiness, start to notice how you are reacting to situations and analyse what you are currently doing. If what you are doing is leading to negative experiences, change how you view them or do something differently. If you are always reacting rapidly and hastily, slow down, think about your response and then happily respond in a way that is right for you. Feel free to say no when you need to – don’t be afraid to do so. Always stay connected to all situations, but remain detached from most.

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My Book Wish-List

February 10, 2006

I enjoy reading books – fiction and non-fiction. My current rate is around ten books a month. Some I get finished in a day, some I get done over two. Others take me up to a week. I wouldn’t call myself a book addict. Mistake. I would call myself a book addict but I do it purely for the awareness and learning purposes. Of course, with that, I totally enjoy what I read. If I don’t like the book at that particular time, I’ll return it or stack it on my shelf until I feel like picking it up.

Reading has been instilled in me when I was growing up. My parents had always thought that it was really important to read a variety of things – magazines, newspapers, books, but more importantly to do it consistently. To be frank, they actually taught me a whole host of personal growth tools without even realising it (eg: consistency!) My father loves to buy The Times, or The Telegraph newspaper. With all the other little news pull-outs that come with it, there’s so much beauty to delve into. I’ve always been fond of travelling, so I remember as a kid, I used to go straight to the Travel section to see what’s available – not that I was going to travel.

My father ensured I read at least two articles a day. I’d also read various story books at times too. It was until around 16 when I really went for the personal development books and to date, I must have gone through over 250. Personal growth is absolutely vital to me. In every book that I dive into, although I have an open mind, I still seek the following:-

  1. What can I get out of it?
  2. What can I get out of it to share with others?

And I believe that it is through these that I had achieved above 95% in all my written essays in college and at university. I have been told on numerous occasions that I write well. My view is that my writing still needs to be dramatically increased in quality, but I am able to acknowledge the growth in my writing. Just surf back to about eight months ago on this blog and see what I wrote to make that comparison.

Make a choice today to read. Pick up a book and start reading. Don’t force yourself to read more than you can. When you feel it’s time to stop, then stop. Return when you’re ready. We are living in a world where there is a plethora of every single thing. Everything is in abundance. From the UK, we have resources that can take us to the Amazon rainforest without even physically moving. In the same way, Australians can visit Thailand without even going there. We are lucky to be living in an age of bountiful resources – we just have to open our eyes, ears and hearts to all that is available and one curious way of doing that is through books. Expand your horizons.

I always like to keep a large list of books that I wish to obtain. Like Amazon, I call it my wish list. Every now and again, I return to it and I see which is the next one to get and amazingly due to my approriate intending, it usually does manifest into my life. To continue my intending, below is a list of books that I’m working on attracting. Would you like to help me attract?

At this point, I’m currently reading James Frey’s “A Million Little Pieces

Books that I am intending to manifest:

Time to Think: Listening to Ignite the Human Mind by Nancy Kline

A Salty Piece of Land by Jimmy Buffett

Unleashing Your Brilliance by Brian E. Walsh
The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life by Steve Leveen

Jump Start Your Brain by Doug Hall
Flawless Consulting by Peter Block

Do you have any other recommendations?

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