Holiday 2006 – The REAL Manifestation!

July 9, 2006

A while back I wrote about how I was manifesting the chance to visit exotic island and clear beaches, something that is very close to my heart. It has now manifested in my life, and today is the start of a beautiful thirty one days away from home. I’m leaving home now, 7am, and heading to London’s Heathrow Airport with my family. We’re jetting off to Malaysia, then Bali and then Thailand for a month of pure bliss. I’m so excited!

Over the month, I’ll be blogging about my experiences when I get a chance. I’m not taking my laptop so if the hotel PC’s have a way for me to get some pictures on the net, I’ll get some images for you as well. I’ll also be available at the Inner Rhythm Community Forums. Feel free to check out all the conversations that go on there, and keep in touch.


Energy Vampires

July 2, 2006

My good friend, Jon Gordon is America’s Number 1 Energy Coach. Jon travels America, delivering seminars in public and corporate situations. He is also the author of two best-selling books, his latest “The 10 Minute Energy Solution” released in January 2006. Please check him out at

Jon talks a lot about Energy Vampires, things that suck and drain energy out of you and his role is to help you find ways to restore that energy within yourself. It is with energy that you will be able to move forward to achieve the desires you wish. And it is through Jon that I have mastered the art of creating energy within me so I am at peak at all times in order to create more effeciency in my life.

Energy Vampires can be in the form of lack of sleep, poor eating habits, Starbucks coffee, drugs and excessive alcohol, lack conditioning, media negativity, wrong peer group and much more. Make a list of what energy vampires are currently in your life, and work to get rid of them one by one. You’ll feel much more energetic, I guarantee that.

Things such as giving up Starbucks coffee, poor eating habits, drugs and alcohol and TV are more easier than dealing with your peer group. Many of us have friends and family who are negative and depressed. We feel obliged to stick with them through their “tough” times, not consciously knowing the effect it has on us. And we don’t just want to leave them in the lurch too.

It is important that when you are surrounded by such negative people, or people who just bring you down, you stay positive. It is no use if you are negative too. And it is also no use if you can’t stay strong and positive. The ultimate result is that you’ll also be drained, tired and stressed if you can’t handle it. As a positive person, you’re radiating energy and will give the other person an emotional lift from their negativity. This is you facing your energy vampires right in the face.

Other things I’d recommend you are do: exercise for a few moments each day, surround yourself with people who are going in the same direction as you are. A good peer group will get you on the road to success automatically. Eat healthily. Give people gifts. Give up the coffee, and try some green tea. Read my post about that here. Surround yourself with books and audio tapes on inspiration, motivation and personal development.

When surfing the web, I come across many newsletters. I also subscribe to them, but unsubscribe within a few weeks because I don’t see any value for me in those moments. There’s one that I highly recommend though. Jon Gordon’s Energy Tip is written and sent out every single Monday. I always look out for it because of the straight forward value that he provides to my life. Every newsletter I have read so far has been instrumental in creating some sort of action within me. It’s free, and I urge you to sign up. Check out his website,

My pH Miracle

June 26, 2006

Once in a while, each person takes drastic measures to produce drastic results. This last week was my turn. Last weekend, 17th and 18th June, I attended Warren Borsje's Millionaire Bootcamp in London to listen to many speakers from around the world share their cutting edge strategies to an audience of 700 or so people.

Like in many conferences, there are stall's outside the main room where during breaks you can check out what's being offered. One of them that caught my eye was the stall offering a free "one minute body fat test"

As a generally skinny person, I thought my body fat percentage would be incredibly low. I looked normal, and fit enough. The result though was extraordinarly surprising to me. According to my age, a normal person's body fat percentage should be 8% – 18%. I was in the obese column, at 36.1%. It was shocking. I even spent the next few hours wondering what the hell is wrong with me. I missed out listening to one of the speakers.

I made a commitment in those moments, to give myself just seven days to change my health around. I made a choice to do this, nobody apart from myself forced me to do this. I had to do it to show myself that I am not obese anymore and never want to be. By the way, for those of you reading this and wondering how I can be skinng and come under the category of "obese", let me introduce you to Dr Robert O Young.

Dr Young is a pioneer in scientific research and shows that there is just one disease and one cure. Every disease is caused by one thing, the over-acidification of the body. As you take in too much acid, you're body needs to find a way to store it otherwise you're stomach and digestive processes will not function. To do this, your body takes the acid and stores it as fat cells, which increases your overall body fat percentage. For some people, this can be seen externally, and for others, like myself, it's an internal thing. Please read about Dr Young here:

The one cure that is present is re-alkalisation of your body to reach optimum health and to create the right pH balance in your body for the right functions. Since last Sunday, I took on a highly alkaline diet to try and meet my goal of being in the "normal" category. At some times, I felt ill but that was just because my body was getting rid and flushing out the unwanted acid by balancing the body's pH levels.

Here's what happened…

On Friday, I met up with Carol (the lady who did the test) and I asked her to do the test again. It showed that my rigorous work had paid off, my body fat percentage… (wait for it!)… was down all the way to 19%…

That was an incredibly proud and breakthrough moment for me. I took myself from a high 39.1% to 19% in just six days. It can be done. It's a choice to make. And it'll only work if you have the right beliefs. It's now up to me to balance my diet and keep it in the normal body fat percentage.

What is the one thing you've always wanted to change in your life and haven't done it? Why haven't you done it? What can you do today, however big or small, to make that change? Will you use my story to inspire you?

What School Doesnt Teach

May 21, 2006

My two-year research project has kicked off. It's a work research project with my business, InnerRhythm and will ultimately lead to starting The InnerRhythm Foundation.

The project,, is live over at this website and seeks out views from hundreds of people as to what they wish they learnt back at school in order to create brilliant lives now.

The headline reads: "Imagine being 21, fully passionate about what you're doing, living a healthy, abundant life, and striving towards your goals like your on Auto-Pilot Let's help kids today become like that!"

The plan in the next two years is to build a base of presenters and take all these views and condense them into ten key lessons for self-development. Presenters will then run ten week programs at schools after school and share these lessons through free, fun and interactive sessions with kids.

You can also help promote this is in many ways. As well as linking to it, sharing this with your friends and blogging about it, why not write a testimonial just like those in the yellow boxes on the website?

Remember, this is non-profit. Please hop on over to and share your thoughts.

Getting Aligned!

May 17, 2006

For the last few months, I’ve been affirming something that Catherine Ponder shared with me through her book. It reads, “everything and everyone prospers me now, and I prosper everything and everyone now!”

Since I begun affirming that, I’ve noticed that every single thing in my life is supported by something else in my life and affects it. Here are some examples:

– when I set up a seminar and logistic details for it, in just a few days, I had great ideas as to how to market it and I went for it. The way I realised was at a family dinner when something striked me and it had nothing to do with the seminar itself.

– I had a seminar a few Saturday’s ago called “Attracting Wealth” and the principles I shared, I have been living in my life for a while and they are reaping great success for me. Everywhere I look there’s a link back to it. At the time of preparing for the seminar, I felt the urged to revisit Steve Pavlina’s blog and he posted an interview with Marc Allen, and he shared the principles by which I’m living my life.

What it shows and assures me is that I’m guided by inner knowing or ultimate calling to perform every action that I do, and every single thing has a connection to everything else. It’s like living in true bliss.

Commit today to live the life you deserve by assessing each option, challenge, obstacle, problem, etc that you’re faced with. Put yourself in front of it and ask yourself whether it’s right for you or not. You may not even need to ask yourself, you’ll just be attracted to do it, or repelled from it. Follow that inner calling or instinct – it’ll be the right path, even if you don’t see it at first!

How To Manifest Present Moment Awareness

May 9, 2006

It's really interesting to see what kind of things people search for in order to tap into this blog. When I was looking at my WordPress stats today, I was congratulated by the constant rise of visits in the last week as well as the growing list of search engine topics that have brought the perfect to my blog. One person typed in "HOW TO MANIFEST PRESENT MOMENT AWARENESS" and I hope through this post, I can answer that well…

Present moment awareness is "that magical ability of sentient beings to tap into the realm of the senses, drink life purely, and enter a state of witnessing awareness" (Chopra's Namaste)

Where are you right now? What are you doing in this particular moment? Are you thinking of yourself, a past experience you enjoyed, or a negative scenario? What's happening right now… right now… and right now in your awareness? All three "right nows" are three separate present moments, and heightening your awareness of the present moment increases your ability to connect with spirit in order to have peace and love in every moment.

How often do you a make a decision based on what you are feeling in any moment? Do you get angry at someone and then later feel you shouldn't have done that? Do you ever say things that you would not normally say when you were angry?

To sustain personal or spiritual growth, learning to live in the present moment with our emotions is critical. From life, we only get experience and that experience is depicted by our perceptions. By understanding the value of our present moment we can create life to be just the way we want it. Getting our emotions under control allows us to get back in the driving seat of our life and allow our emotions to work with us, not against us. Rather than allowing emotions to navigate our life, we allow the lessons of each emotion to dissipate fear and take us to new levels.

Past experiences also add to the perceptions we now create. Something that happened to you as a child may have created a neural connection that gives rise to your current particular behaviour.

Let me give you an example. When I did a 10,000ft Skydive for Age Concern a few years ago, not only did it help confront fears, but being at the top and looking down made me feel hopeless and helpless. When I reached down, I spent some time asking myself about why those emotions overcame me. I concluded that it was because as a child I was brought up in an environment which didn't really welcome so many questions, and when it did, I felt the way I was answered wasn't very inviting. This is a common situation for many people. I was lucky to face such fears and change the rest of my life. I am now open to living in the present moment rather than being fearful of a past experience. And you can do the same too.
It's important to live in the now. Focus on your intentions right now. What do you want to achieve? What decision do you have to make? Make it without any past attachments – you'll feel less burdened, revitalised and more motivated!

The techniques I use to feel more in the present moment are meditation, mental imagery, and affirmations. Here's something I believe you should do:

Get into a comfy position and relax all your body from top to bottom. Take deep breaths while doing this – you'll take in lots more oxygen, and remove what's not needed in your body in larger quantities. Observe your thoughts and emotions. What are you thinking? What are you feeling? Are you… Angry? Bitter? Sad? Excited? Joyful? Effortless? Pay attention to your vehicle – your body. Just relax. You are calm, peaceful and present.

When you develop such present moment awareness, you really have the best opportunity to make informed decisions. You can easily step away from any situation and just evaluate it for what it really is, not with any attachments.

Deepak Chopra's second key to happiness sums it up nicely:

Live in the present, for it is the only moment you have. Keep your attention on what is here and now; look for the fullness in every moment. Accept what comes to you totally and learn from it, and then let it go. The present is as it should be. It reflects infinte laws of Nature that have brought you this exact thought, this exact physical response. This moment is as it is because the universe it as it is. Don't struggle against the infinite scheme of things; instead, be as one with it.

Left To Tell – Immaculeé Ilibagiza

April 30, 2006

This is by far the best book I have read in all of 2005 and so far in 2006. Through just reading this book, I feel like I know the author as a close friend and she has changed my life forever. Immaculee was engulfed in the Rwandan genocide in 1994 in which a million people were slaughtered including all of her family in just three months. She was fortunate to have been hidden in a secret bathroom squashed with seven other women for around 91 days with minimal food and just her father’s rosary.

Immaculee writes about her horrendous story in Rwanda before and during the genocide. Her story is one of great teachings to many people because of how she spent countless hours in the bathroom praying, meditating and seeking support from God. In the bathroom, she had “visions” of working for the United Nations and then learnt English through a few books in the darkened bathroom.

She then goes on to talk about how she was saved and then forgived the killers of her family and all her friends. She is purely guided by what God has in store for her, and amidst the Rwandan holocaust, she found deep forgiveness.

The greatest thing is that through mental imagery, visualisation and prayer/affirmations, she attracted the United Nations job. For the first two weeks, she went into the office and sat the whole day pushing for the job and didn’t get it. She got it in the end through persistence and attraction! She also did this, seeking her perfect husband – and she got that too! She is now in the USA, working with the UN and married with two kids. Both Immaculee and Dr Wayne Dyer are touring together for their new books.

I was so hooked onto this book that I finished it in four hours, split over three days. The book also brought tears to my eyes through her strong teaching of forgiveness and love. I highly suggest you grab your copy and read it – this book will change your life forever, like it did mine.

Get your copy!