Secrets of The Money Shamans

May 26, 2006

Around two weeks ago, I had the good fortune of connecting with Davide de Angelis, author of the ebook, Secrets of The Money Shamans. I regularly get asked to write testimonials, review products, etc because of the nature of my work, but I rarely take many of them up because of the time it takes to do such things. However something really pulled me to check out Davide's book so I followed my inner feeling.

I immeadiately dropped my work and delved into the book for a few hours on the same day. The book is very powerful. It breaks apart traditional teachings and presents the way that the world works. It uses extremely powerful, creative and non-standard exercises to show you how you can bring more money into your life. The lessons are creative, and just reading the contents page will make you intrigued to find out more.

Davide's story is one of inspiration, through which he met his teachers, Paolo and Caroline Santoro when his life was on the fall. Their commitment to learn together brought about major changes in Davide's life which made him a money-making machine.

Like all holistic people advise, don't cure the problem on the surface, head down to the root and demolish it from there. Through this book, the Money Shamans will help you do that. Here's what Davide has to say:

The other problem with most teachings or techniques is that they don't explain how to deal with the powerful resistance to change we all have – even if we are uncomfortable with our present circumstances. They don't give you the tools you need to complete the job. This is why you will often experience only a temporary shift before falling back into old ways of thinking and acting around money.

And the Secrets of the Money Shamans help you do this.

Personally for me, even though I have read many many books on finance, personal wealth, etc and all have had an impact on me, this one has spiritually created a larger change and that is the basis for the real mental and physical change as I feel my beliefs are now grounded.

Genuinely, if you're going to invest in your life's money education, get this book because it'll help form a solid foundation. I think it's much needed and it's a small investment for the return you'll get. I promise.


Nasty Money Habits

May 12, 2006

Ever seen the film "Groundhog Day" where Bill Murray keeps reliving the same day? Are you like Bill Murray? Do you keep making the same mistakes over and over? You'd be surprised how many do that in their financial lives! Make a conscious decision today to stop practicing your nasty financial habit and let this post be your inspiration…

Stop spending without a budget
Financial planning is not all about investments. It means saving, spending less and feeling more financially wealthy. All millionaires will tell you the same thing; spending without a budget, or over your budget is not good. Start keep tracking of what you spend so you know where your money is flowing. Decide how much percent of your total income can be spent.

Little bits all add up!
How many of you can add up every bit of spending you incurred buying a drink, sweets, coffee, nuts, glue, equipment, etc? Would the cost be large or small? This point refers to the first one above. Just ensure you track your spending and are within your budget.

Monitor Interest Rates
It pays a hell of a lot to keep up to date with what best interest rates are around. Organising direct debits or standing orders to various accounts can help build interest. And if you missed the opportunity to start from a young age with high interest savings, it doesn't matter – you can start now. Even do it for your kids and explain to them – they'll be real thankful later.

Paying everyone else and keeping what's left
This one kills! My motto is to always pay God (or higher source) first, then yourself and then any debts, etc that you need to pay. Paying God or your higher source can be looked at as tithing, or even donating regularly to a charity that hits home for you. Then pay yourself. If you don't know how much to pay yourself, how about somewhere between 5 – 20% of your income. Even more than that. As long as you feel it's what you deserve, ensure you get it.

By kicking the nasty habits of money and using the three laws I believe are best for attracting wealth which I share at seminars and through coaching, I have increased my finance by over 200% in the last few months with April being the best so far this year! I know it's not going to stop there as I move towards my million. (My million is not the ultimate goal; the ultimate goal is to increase the well-being of every person, one person at a time, however the million is one of the results from it).

What are your nasty habits of money? Please share them through the comments below so everyone who ever reads this can also improve continuously. You are rich!