Energy Vampires

July 2, 2006

My good friend, Jon Gordon is America’s Number 1 Energy Coach. Jon travels America, delivering seminars in public and corporate situations. He is also the author of two best-selling books, his latest “The 10 Minute Energy Solution” released in January 2006. Please check him out at

Jon talks a lot about Energy Vampires, things that suck and drain energy out of you and his role is to help you find ways to restore that energy within yourself. It is with energy that you will be able to move forward to achieve the desires you wish. And it is through Jon that I have mastered the art of creating energy within me so I am at peak at all times in order to create more effeciency in my life.

Energy Vampires can be in the form of lack of sleep, poor eating habits, Starbucks coffee, drugs and excessive alcohol, lack conditioning, media negativity, wrong peer group and much more. Make a list of what energy vampires are currently in your life, and work to get rid of them one by one. You’ll feel much more energetic, I guarantee that.

Things such as giving up Starbucks coffee, poor eating habits, drugs and alcohol and TV are more easier than dealing with your peer group. Many of us have friends and family who are negative and depressed. We feel obliged to stick with them through their “tough” times, not consciously knowing the effect it has on us. And we don’t just want to leave them in the lurch too.

It is important that when you are surrounded by such negative people, or people who just bring you down, you stay positive. It is no use if you are negative too. And it is also no use if you can’t stay strong and positive. The ultimate result is that you’ll also be drained, tired and stressed if you can’t handle it. As a positive person, you’re radiating energy and will give the other person an emotional lift from their negativity. This is you facing your energy vampires right in the face.

Other things I’d recommend you are do: exercise for a few moments each day, surround yourself with people who are going in the same direction as you are. A good peer group will get you on the road to success automatically. Eat healthily. Give people gifts. Give up the coffee, and try some green tea. Read my post about that here. Surround yourself with books and audio tapes on inspiration, motivation and personal development.

When surfing the web, I come across many newsletters. I also subscribe to them, but unsubscribe within a few weeks because I don’t see any value for me in those moments. There’s one that I highly recommend though. Jon Gordon’s Energy Tip is written and sent out every single Monday. I always look out for it because of the straight forward value that he provides to my life. Every newsletter I have read so far has been instrumental in creating some sort of action within me. It’s free, and I urge you to sign up. Check out his website,


My pH Miracle

June 26, 2006

Once in a while, each person takes drastic measures to produce drastic results. This last week was my turn. Last weekend, 17th and 18th June, I attended Warren Borsje's Millionaire Bootcamp in London to listen to many speakers from around the world share their cutting edge strategies to an audience of 700 or so people.

Like in many conferences, there are stall's outside the main room where during breaks you can check out what's being offered. One of them that caught my eye was the stall offering a free "one minute body fat test"

As a generally skinny person, I thought my body fat percentage would be incredibly low. I looked normal, and fit enough. The result though was extraordinarly surprising to me. According to my age, a normal person's body fat percentage should be 8% – 18%. I was in the obese column, at 36.1%. It was shocking. I even spent the next few hours wondering what the hell is wrong with me. I missed out listening to one of the speakers.

I made a commitment in those moments, to give myself just seven days to change my health around. I made a choice to do this, nobody apart from myself forced me to do this. I had to do it to show myself that I am not obese anymore and never want to be. By the way, for those of you reading this and wondering how I can be skinng and come under the category of "obese", let me introduce you to Dr Robert O Young.

Dr Young is a pioneer in scientific research and shows that there is just one disease and one cure. Every disease is caused by one thing, the over-acidification of the body. As you take in too much acid, you're body needs to find a way to store it otherwise you're stomach and digestive processes will not function. To do this, your body takes the acid and stores it as fat cells, which increases your overall body fat percentage. For some people, this can be seen externally, and for others, like myself, it's an internal thing. Please read about Dr Young here:

The one cure that is present is re-alkalisation of your body to reach optimum health and to create the right pH balance in your body for the right functions. Since last Sunday, I took on a highly alkaline diet to try and meet my goal of being in the "normal" category. At some times, I felt ill but that was just because my body was getting rid and flushing out the unwanted acid by balancing the body's pH levels.

Here's what happened…

On Friday, I met up with Carol (the lady who did the test) and I asked her to do the test again. It showed that my rigorous work had paid off, my body fat percentage… (wait for it!)… was down all the way to 19%…

That was an incredibly proud and breakthrough moment for me. I took myself from a high 39.1% to 19% in just six days. It can be done. It's a choice to make. And it'll only work if you have the right beliefs. It's now up to me to balance my diet and keep it in the normal body fat percentage.

What is the one thing you've always wanted to change in your life and haven't done it? Why haven't you done it? What can you do today, however big or small, to make that change? Will you use my story to inspire you?

Get off the coffee, and on the green tea.

March 31, 2006

For over eight years, I haven't drunk normal tea. What I have drunk is lots and lots of coffee. I've always been told that it isn't good, but what I've come to realise over the last two weeks is this: coffee is great for the half-hour you drink it, but then it takes you lower than what you were before you drank it in your energy levels. Ever felt?

I'm back on my green tea, and I can't recommend them highly enough. Green tea is great all round – great taste, great health benefits and more importantly, immeadiate energy boosters if you need them. Healthwise, green tea is full of chemicals that can prevent one from cancer, arthritis and more because it's now being welcomed into the western world with open arms, however Chinese people have used it for hundreds of years.

"To date, the only negative side effect reported from drinking green tea is insomnia due to the fact that it contains caffeine. However, green tea contains less caffeine than coffee: there are approximately thirty to sixty mg. of caffeine in six – eight ounces of tea, compared to over one-hundred mg. in eight ounces of coffee." (from

I highly recommend it. Get yourself a small box and just try it. If you're not sure where to get it from, head to your local health store. Anything between 3-10 cups a day is great. Feel more energetic – you can live your purpose effortlessly and make a greater difference in the world. I know for a fact, I'm not heading back to the coffee.

There's a Chinese proverb that goes like this: "Better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea for one."

Your Moving Torso

February 15, 2006

Do you remember when you were a child and you were learning to walk? Do you remember you walked two steps, and then you lost your balance and fell? The majority of people don’t remember because they are not conscious of it and feel they don’t have to be.

I invite you to try this basic exercise before I reveal a bit more…

Find a place where you’ll be at peace and it’ll be quite – it could be either indoors or outdoors. Make sure there is no unwanted interruption. Embrace yourself for a learning that you thought you’d never have to come back to. Get ready to learn one important thing that your subconscious mind does acting through your body – something so simple you might not have even realised.

Stand in a space away from disturbance with your feet slightly apart. Look at a spot on the ground just a few inches in front of you. Keep your eyes open. Let your hands hang by your side and relax. Remain peaceful and calm. As you stand there, I want you to begin observing your body. Become aware of your stance. Become aware of the tiny shifts that are taking place in your body as you breathe. Notice the varying pressure in your toes, feet, legs and upper limbs. Can you feel your body swaying slightly forwards and backwards and from left to right? Notice the light movements in your torso and arms as you shift to maintain balance.

In your day-to-day life, unless you consciously pay your attention here, you are so happily unaware of such movements, right? Luckily, your subconscious is aware of such things because if it were not, you’d simply fall down when you sway. Why don’t you remember what happened and how you walked and feel when you were a toddler? The answer is really simple – it’s because you don’t need to remember. You have been gifted with a wonderful subconscious and have taken away any responsibility from consciously learning like that.

It’s all fine to let your subconscious take care of such things, but once in a while it is absolutely vital that you consciously pay attention and listen with awareness to what your body and it’s organs are saying to you. As you become aware of them little by little, you may find some interesting things begin to happen.

Go ahead and try this. You don’t even have to have great time for it. Try it when your standing at the bus stop, waiting for the bus to come. Try it whilst standing at the train platform. Try it when you’re waiting for a friend at the top of their road. Try it when you’re waiting to be served in the supermarket. Simply feel the difference.

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Natural Vibrations

February 6, 2006

Have you ever noticed the difference between sad tears and happy tears? They are both watery, they don’t tend to smell and they have the same feel of wetness, so then what’s different about them? The answer is the taste. Let me explain…

The water in our bodies is like ocean water due to the salt crystals within us vibrating at varying frequencies. The frequencies released by our heart is much higher than that of our brain. The emotional frequency reigns much higher than the mental frequency of the mind. As we say, the emotional heart is much more touching.

When we are happy, we are vibrating at higher frequencies than when we are sad. Chemically, our water compositions are also changing and therefore the release of tears taste different when we’re in a state of sadness. When there is a greater balance between the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual frequencies, we become one with ourselves and can appreciate and acknowledge all situations equally well as we are in a state of vibrational harmony.

This forms the basis of the powerful Law of Attraction. After all, once an intention is set, we must vibrate at high frequencies to be able to truly manifest what we want. We need to understand that our inner and outer self are working together so in order to manifes our desires, we must not fake our happiness and not mean it internally.

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Brisk Walking

January 27, 2006

Ever been interested in exercise or just plain walking? Ever since the age of 14, I’ve always talked about making a commitment to actually get up at any point in my day and take a stroll around my block and I intended to do this every day. Not surprisingly, that goal never came into fruition. Only when I came to university I joined the gym on campus and made effective use of it.

A few days ago, rather than jogging on the treadmill, I decided to walk briskly on it. I walked 20 minutes at around 7km/hour and the next day I brisk walked the same way for just over 40 minutes. I think I took this greater challenge because I was spurred on when I saw a guy with many pounds, in his 40s and full of dedication walk at 5km/hour for about an hour without stopping. For me, that’s absolutely outstanding.

I’m working at sticking to this goal of brisk walking for at least 30 minutes each time I go to the gym, and because of time commitments at the moment, I intend to go to the gym at least four times a week. So far so good, I think! During the first few days of my gym brisk walking, I was amazed at the calories that I was burning, but I wasn’t too happy when I returned to eating high calory foods. From today, I’m commiting to watch how I eat. I think that if I’m going to burn off some fat, I better not compliment it with even more fat intake. It’s just simple sense, right?

I’m working hard to keep at this commitment. I’m aware of the benefits of brisk walking – increased aerobic fitness, increased improvement in blood pressure and cholesterol, healthy bones, muscular strength, relaxation, posture balance and definitely, self esteem. Of course, there are decreased chances of any diseases too. I’m not diagnosed with anything, but brisk walking is good to ensure it stays that way.

The way I’m keeping to this commitment is to…

  • Make it a Habit – I’m keeping four consistent times in my week to brisk walk on the treadmill. This will suit my biorhythms, schedule and lifestyle.
  • Breathe Well – I’m also now being fully conscious of what I’m breathing in. I’m trying to breathe rhythmically and deeply so I get a better intake and release more of what I don’t want.
  • People Support – I also have the right support from my friends. This cheers me on to meet my weekly goal of brisk walking for a minimum of 30 minutes, four times a week.
  • Feel the Benefits – I can’t feel full benefits yet, but the instant feeling of aliveness is surely there. I know it won’t happen overnight, but my commitment and consistency will bring it into fruition quicker.
  • Walking Tall – When I’m brisk walking, I try to be totally conscious so that I keep my body straight and let my arms and legs do the work. I am striding naturally and letting my arms swing gently to develop rhythm and flow.

Brisk walking is a skill sport, however it can be done by anyone. It’s the most popular workout in America, it’s cheaper than gym membership and more convenient than swimming because you really can do it at anytime. If you’ve always thought about doing some exercise and never really gotten round to starting, then this is the time. If you’ve set a New Year’s resolution to exercise, but haven’t got started, feel confident to start now.

Make a commitment to brisk walk with consistency several times a week, if you can’t put in time each day. Set a time limit – perhaps brisk walk for 10 minutes first, and then increase as you feel motivated, fit, healthy and confident. Consider walking first thing in the morning before other tasks crowd your vision. If you spend a lot of time driving even to places close to you, exchange some of that time to brisk walking there and you’ll even save pollution from your vehicle’s exhaust. Perhaps use the stairs at your shopping centre, rather than the elevator. How can you use the bullet points I have noted above to your advantage too?

I feel there is a great misconception about walking out there. Even, I used to think so. Many people think that walking won’t achieve any kind of improvement to one self. They are wrong. The benefits of walking, especially brisk walking are massive and contagious as long as there is consistency and commitment – two key essentials to experiencing the benefits.

If you want some further evidence, I particularly like this news feature by the BBC:

Looking for safety?

January 21, 2006

Security – what does this word mean in relation to life as we know it today? For many, it is safety and freedom from worry. It is the end that man strives for and therefore everything we do is a means to this end.

Imagine the secure man. He is a respectable man in society and is both personally and financially stable. He has pushed for his ambition and he has settled down, so to speak, in a rather boring, but safe and comfortable way for himself. Yes, he is a man in today’s world but has he any pride or self-respect? How could he, if he hasn’t risked anything nor gained anything? Would he have tasted the wonderful meal that we call life? What has he done except to sit and wait for the tomorrow which never comes?

Let’s take the time machine back into history… Yesterday’s men have fought, risked and gained. They have done this to make the world exactly what it is today. Security was never theirs, nor did they strive for it. They gambled courageously with their lives on chance, and that if they won, they’d be richer or different? It is from the bystanders (who are in the vast majority) that we receive the propaganda that life is not worth living, that life is drudgery, that the ambitions of youth must he laid aside for a life which is but a painful wait for death. These are the individuals who squeeze what excitement they can from life out of the imaginations and experiences of others through books and movies. These are the men who dream at night of what could have been, but who wake at dawn to take their places and exist through yet another day.

One thing we can do is make the choice to view the world in a healthy way. We can choose to see the world as safe with only moments of danger rather than seeing the world as dangerous with only moments of safety.” – Deepak Chopra

Our personality likes to be in control. It likes to know how things are and what’s going to happen. Underlying this desire for stability and predictability is a deep fear that the world is a dangerous place. The personality fears it will not survive without continually being on guard. The real truth is that we cannot guard what happens. We are living our life, each moment, by the Law of Attraction. What we do in each moment and how focused we are in the now, will determine what a future moment will bring us. Consider substituting trust for fear and the world becomes a gentler, happier place.

“Who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?”