The definite richness!

April 14, 2006

Once again, I've been out of touch with my blogging for several days because my business is doing well, my study is good too and I'm having a blast of a time! However, I don't like that I haven't made time to blog so I'm ensuring that I'm back on track from today.

I believe that everything happens for the perfect reasons and therefore at the perfect time. Just last night, our television went bust! Perfect timing because it's the Easter sales this weekend. This morning, I spent some time looking around various shops for some televisions and as I looked at the wealth that was around me, I asked myself, what is the definition of richness?

What do you define as rich? What is great wealth for you? Is it a great 50" plasma TV? A beautiful home? A nice car? Donations to charity? Security? Health? A satisfied and fulfilled life?

Richness is not just about being financially wealthy, it is everything associated with being wealthy. Being in a prosperous state is a great feeling of richness. When you are fulfilled, you are in a state of richness.

Get really specific about what would bring you a rich life. No one judges you, and thereforere there are no right or wrong answers. Live your life the way YOU want to. Get out some paper and brainstorm what being rich is for you and then spend a few moments each day focusing thoroughly on this. Watch that your thoughts, feelings and beliefs are aligned with your rich goal and then welcome it to unfold in your life.

You see, we are all creators. We hold the power with us to create anything we want in our lives. Our ability to manifest the changes we desire depends on the depth and passion of our beliefs and on the focus of our attention. Commit today to begin commanding for the richness in your life!

If you're in London next Saturday 22 April, come along to my "Attracting Wealth through Rhythm" seminar where we'll look at the mental state of wealth and how you can manifest wealth into your life. And also, it'd be great to meet you!


Pay your bills with love!

March 23, 2006

Kavit’s Note: My coaching business has been really busy in the last week, coming off the back of two events and the usual stuff, so apologies for not being able to post here.


Imagine this: You wake up, here the post drop in through the letterbox and go down to collect it. When you see the telephone company logo, it immeadiately clicks to you that it’s a bill. Do you go “argh! another bill to pay” or “how am I going to manage to pay this?” or “I’ve just got paid, and now it’s going to go again.”?

I’ve committed those “crimes” as well, and paying with such thought patterns hasn’t helped. Let me explain. When you see the bill and get depressed or into a lower, negative state about it, you bring your attention to it and the power of your projection is negative. And remember, what you put out, always comes back. Like attracts like, so if you focus on remaining in the negative state, you’re going to keep staying in that situation each time.

What I’ve conditioned myself to do is to have divine love working through me in every situation. When I see my bills, I immeadiately feel “great, I can pay these one’s off as soon as possible!” and whether you have the money or not is somewhat out of the question. You see, money is in constant flow, just like the universe. When you let go of some money, you pave the way and are inviting the universe to send some more through.

I hear you say… “If you keep letting go and receiving the same amount of money, you have the same level all the time. What’s the point in that?” So here’s a technique to increase your range of money… everytime you let go of some money, affirm this: “I give thanks for my ability to share £(10). I am now receiving ten times more, or £(100) into my life. This, or more, manifests now.” The power of ten is that used in the ancient times. Do this for any petty cash you spend, even if it’s at the sweet shop! I credit Catherine Ponder for teaching me this, for it is making me lots and lots with my continued use of it.

Pay your bills with love. That’s the energy you put out and by increasing your range, you’ll get more unconditional, universal love back as well as an increasing money range. Feel free to share your thoughts about this and your stories here.

The universe is watching your every thought, feeling and action… Watch Out!

Are you REALLY working for prosperity?

March 17, 2006

On an everyday basis, we see and hear of people working hard with a goal of wealth and prosperity in mind, yet how many of those people actually achieve it?

I absolutely believe that you have got to work to be prosperous – but this work is one in which it is done effortlessly with passion, energy and love. A lot of people who work hard for prosperity don’t achieve it because of some negative attachment involved internally. Many people hold grudges or hate about other things or people which they hold on to for a long time, no matter how small or discrete it is, yet they don’t understand how much that actually affects their prosperity.

Substance from the universe needs to be able to flow through you freely, but if it is has got some kind of blockage (the grudges, hate, hurt, etc) then it’s going to take a longer time and possibly find another route. By releasing your grudges, and leaving the past where it’s meant to be, one’s able to appreciate what learning’s have been learnt, and use them to their advantage so they can produce the right results in that moment.

The great thing is that you can actually take a really proactive approach right this moment and commit to changing your experience. First, understand that you’re not the only one in this situation and also understand that grudges, and such negative emotions are not necessarily good or bad – it’s just how you react to them that creates the blockage for substance to flow. As I frequently like to say, “Nothing has meaning in life. It’s only the meaning you give it!”

Commit now to slowly releasing what past negative attachments you have held. Take it each step at a time. You’ll notice the real developments in your life 🙂

Mental Imagery

March 11, 2006

Call it Karma, the Law of Attraction, Cause and Effect, or whatever you want, but in all instances, the theory is the same – “that which you radiate, you will experience.”

Mental Imagery is a term that may be familiar to many as “visualisation”, “imagining the feel”, “hearing in my head” or “seeing in the mind’s eye.” Many people have great desires, but they shy aware from them because of the unbelief and uncertainty from others that is exposed onto them. For long now, I have always kept a small book in my pocket. Nobody has known about this book. It is what I call my “manifestation book” – everything I want to manifest into my life – desires for my business, health, wealth, family, friends, study, etc is all shared in that book. I make real notes on everything I want and take time to really get it into my mental imagery.

When I started this and shared my desires, I got a lot of negative feedback from individuals about how my desires are unachievable. Who do they think they are imposing on my personal ambitions? After that, I dropped the case and kept it my little book, and the speed at which success is manifesting in my life is absolutely great. In my pile of current reading is Catherine Ponder’s “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity” and she speaks the same. I highly recommend this book – it’s made me lots of money!

Imagination is a much better motivator than will power. Every thing you have achieved in the past – whether it be financial gain or lack, health betterment or not, etc – has all happened because of a particular mental imagery you had created in your mind. And what you are doing in your present moment is exactly what your mental imagery has caused.

Mental Imagery is used in many aspects of society. Many sports such as golf, tennis and skating, not only require physical skills, but a strong mental game as well. Most coaches preach the line that sports are 90% mental and only 10% physical. Different uses of imagery in sport include: mental practice of specific performance skills, improving confidence and positive thinking, problem solving, controlling arousal and anxiety, performance review and analysis, preparation for performance, and maintaining mental freshness during injury.

I personally don’t believe there is any correct way to practice mental imagery, however there are some certain things I would like to share. When practicing mental imagery:

  • Always play the situation as if it were happening right now. The subconscious mind has no understanding of the concept of time like the conscious mind has. By practicing mental imagery for the situation, the subconscious mind will experience it and then rush to work so that it can make it manifest for you.
  • Be absolutely Clear. You must have clarity for what you want. To do this, seek to find what you don’t want and then understand what you really do want. It is this that you can then expand in detail during your mental imagery.
  • Be absolutely honest. This is vital – ensure that in your visualisation, you are absolutely honest about what you want. Don’t shy away from what you want. No-one else apart from you will know.
  • When complete, forget it all. When you reach a state of content and peace about your visualisation in that you have achieved satisfaction, simply forget it all and allow it to uncover in your life.

Let me share with you an example from my life.

A while back, I wrote myself out a cheque payable to myself, “Kavit Haria” of a certain amount that I wished to manifest (the amount is personal) and I signed it as a “Gift from the Universe.” I then placed it in my wallet where I knew I would see it often as I opened my wallet. In the coming days, I spent time thinking about and visualising the sum I wanted, and then forgot about it. In the following weeks, I really saw various avenues for revenue, gifts, free journey rides and much more appear into my life. It was absolutely great – I got some new clothes, I got a full two-day seminar offered free, the bus driver didn’t ask me to pay for several journeys and I even got some new clients for my business.

Here’s something you can do to attract money…

Cut several pieces of paper into the shape of your currency notes. Write out onto them a particular amount as reflected in your nation’s currency, or even make it up. Get creative – these are your new currency notes. Keep these in your wallet, where you can see them regularly. Each day, spend just a few minutes, really focusing on how it feels that you have that money as if it were real. Follow the tips above too! You must have commitment – it could or could not be an overnight thing. The universe will respond, just you wait and see…

The Good Life

March 4, 2006

You ever notice how when you focus around one topic or segment for a while, things continue to latch on?

Since January 2006, I’ve been very much working on my “mental game of money”. I think I’ve done quite well compared to the end of last year. In January, my income was that of October, November and December put together. In mid-Feb, I went to a complimentary two-day seminar called “The Mental Game of Money” by Dr Topher Morrison, and it was by far the best seminar I’ve been to in a long while. Last night, I worked on my cashflow and it’s projection and I seem to be welcoming double my income of Feb into March. It’s feeling absolutely great.

For the past week or so, I’ve been consciously following Maria Palma’s blog “The Good Life” closely because of her focus on money and the mindset behind it all. I think it’s fascinating how one thing is just spontaneously leading up to another. What it really shows is how my awareness is widening. Have you noticed your awareness widen just that little bit?

Maria’s latest post on Attracting Money is absolutely true and if possible, with your “thumbs-up”, I’d like to declare myself a living practitioner of money attraction. I spend around 60 seconds a day consciously thinking about money – call it money mediation if you will – and it allows me to get clear about what I want to attract and how I’ll use it. I don’t think it’s greedy too because if it were, I wouldn’t be in this great feeling and position.

So, what are you doing to attract money? Think about how much you want to have earnt, say in six months time, and visualise as if you’ve got it and how you’d use it.

Mental Game of Money

February 11, 2006

UPDATE (25/01/07):

Read Kavit Haria’s free interview with Dr. Topher Morrison here:

And grab your FREE tickets to his seminar there.

Looking for safety?

January 21, 2006

Security – what does this word mean in relation to life as we know it today? For many, it is safety and freedom from worry. It is the end that man strives for and therefore everything we do is a means to this end.

Imagine the secure man. He is a respectable man in society and is both personally and financially stable. He has pushed for his ambition and he has settled down, so to speak, in a rather boring, but safe and comfortable way for himself. Yes, he is a man in today’s world but has he any pride or self-respect? How could he, if he hasn’t risked anything nor gained anything? Would he have tasted the wonderful meal that we call life? What has he done except to sit and wait for the tomorrow which never comes?

Let’s take the time machine back into history… Yesterday’s men have fought, risked and gained. They have done this to make the world exactly what it is today. Security was never theirs, nor did they strive for it. They gambled courageously with their lives on chance, and that if they won, they’d be richer or different? It is from the bystanders (who are in the vast majority) that we receive the propaganda that life is not worth living, that life is drudgery, that the ambitions of youth must he laid aside for a life which is but a painful wait for death. These are the individuals who squeeze what excitement they can from life out of the imaginations and experiences of others through books and movies. These are the men who dream at night of what could have been, but who wake at dawn to take their places and exist through yet another day.

One thing we can do is make the choice to view the world in a healthy way. We can choose to see the world as safe with only moments of danger rather than seeing the world as dangerous with only moments of safety.” – Deepak Chopra

Our personality likes to be in control. It likes to know how things are and what’s going to happen. Underlying this desire for stability and predictability is a deep fear that the world is a dangerous place. The personality fears it will not survive without continually being on guard. The real truth is that we cannot guard what happens. We are living our life, each moment, by the Law of Attraction. What we do in each moment and how focused we are in the now, will determine what a future moment will bring us. Consider substituting trust for fear and the world becomes a gentler, happier place.

“Who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?”