Secrets of The Money Shamans

May 26, 2006

Around two weeks ago, I had the good fortune of connecting with Davide de Angelis, author of the ebook, Secrets of The Money Shamans. I regularly get asked to write testimonials, review products, etc because of the nature of my work, but I rarely take many of them up because of the time it takes to do such things. However something really pulled me to check out Davide's book so I followed my inner feeling.

I immeadiately dropped my work and delved into the book for a few hours on the same day. The book is very powerful. It breaks apart traditional teachings and presents the way that the world works. It uses extremely powerful, creative and non-standard exercises to show you how you can bring more money into your life. The lessons are creative, and just reading the contents page will make you intrigued to find out more.

Davide's story is one of inspiration, through which he met his teachers, Paolo and Caroline Santoro when his life was on the fall. Their commitment to learn together brought about major changes in Davide's life which made him a money-making machine.

Like all holistic people advise, don't cure the problem on the surface, head down to the root and demolish it from there. Through this book, the Money Shamans will help you do that. Here's what Davide has to say:

The other problem with most teachings or techniques is that they don't explain how to deal with the powerful resistance to change we all have – even if we are uncomfortable with our present circumstances. They don't give you the tools you need to complete the job. This is why you will often experience only a temporary shift before falling back into old ways of thinking and acting around money.

And the Secrets of the Money Shamans help you do this.

Personally for me, even though I have read many many books on finance, personal wealth, etc and all have had an impact on me, this one has spiritually created a larger change and that is the basis for the real mental and physical change as I feel my beliefs are now grounded.

Genuinely, if you're going to invest in your life's money education, get this book because it'll help form a solid foundation. I think it's much needed and it's a small investment for the return you'll get. I promise.


How To Manifest Present Moment Awareness

May 9, 2006

It's really interesting to see what kind of things people search for in order to tap into this blog. When I was looking at my WordPress stats today, I was congratulated by the constant rise of visits in the last week as well as the growing list of search engine topics that have brought the perfect to my blog. One person typed in "HOW TO MANIFEST PRESENT MOMENT AWARENESS" and I hope through this post, I can answer that well…

Present moment awareness is "that magical ability of sentient beings to tap into the realm of the senses, drink life purely, and enter a state of witnessing awareness" (Chopra's Namaste)

Where are you right now? What are you doing in this particular moment? Are you thinking of yourself, a past experience you enjoyed, or a negative scenario? What's happening right now… right now… and right now in your awareness? All three "right nows" are three separate present moments, and heightening your awareness of the present moment increases your ability to connect with spirit in order to have peace and love in every moment.

How often do you a make a decision based on what you are feeling in any moment? Do you get angry at someone and then later feel you shouldn't have done that? Do you ever say things that you would not normally say when you were angry?

To sustain personal or spiritual growth, learning to live in the present moment with our emotions is critical. From life, we only get experience and that experience is depicted by our perceptions. By understanding the value of our present moment we can create life to be just the way we want it. Getting our emotions under control allows us to get back in the driving seat of our life and allow our emotions to work with us, not against us. Rather than allowing emotions to navigate our life, we allow the lessons of each emotion to dissipate fear and take us to new levels.

Past experiences also add to the perceptions we now create. Something that happened to you as a child may have created a neural connection that gives rise to your current particular behaviour.

Let me give you an example. When I did a 10,000ft Skydive for Age Concern a few years ago, not only did it help confront fears, but being at the top and looking down made me feel hopeless and helpless. When I reached down, I spent some time asking myself about why those emotions overcame me. I concluded that it was because as a child I was brought up in an environment which didn't really welcome so many questions, and when it did, I felt the way I was answered wasn't very inviting. This is a common situation for many people. I was lucky to face such fears and change the rest of my life. I am now open to living in the present moment rather than being fearful of a past experience. And you can do the same too.
It's important to live in the now. Focus on your intentions right now. What do you want to achieve? What decision do you have to make? Make it without any past attachments – you'll feel less burdened, revitalised and more motivated!

The techniques I use to feel more in the present moment are meditation, mental imagery, and affirmations. Here's something I believe you should do:

Get into a comfy position and relax all your body from top to bottom. Take deep breaths while doing this – you'll take in lots more oxygen, and remove what's not needed in your body in larger quantities. Observe your thoughts and emotions. What are you thinking? What are you feeling? Are you… Angry? Bitter? Sad? Excited? Joyful? Effortless? Pay attention to your vehicle – your body. Just relax. You are calm, peaceful and present.

When you develop such present moment awareness, you really have the best opportunity to make informed decisions. You can easily step away from any situation and just evaluate it for what it really is, not with any attachments.

Deepak Chopra's second key to happiness sums it up nicely:

Live in the present, for it is the only moment you have. Keep your attention on what is here and now; look for the fullness in every moment. Accept what comes to you totally and learn from it, and then let it go. The present is as it should be. It reflects infinte laws of Nature that have brought you this exact thought, this exact physical response. This moment is as it is because the universe it as it is. Don't struggle against the infinite scheme of things; instead, be as one with it.